Nas Says Life Is Like: “I’ve Been Single, I’ve Been Young, I’ve Been Living Fast” [Video]

Nas Says Life Is Like: “I’ve Been Single, I’ve Been Young, I’ve Been Living Fast” [Video]

Rap veteran Nas recently discussed his “Daughters” anthem and what different approach, if any, he would have taken if the song were directed toward his son.

In an interview with radio personality Cosmic Kev, Nasty Nas explained the double standard men typically apply to their sons and daughters.

“I would have made a song but it would have been from a different perspective, as a grown man talking to a young man in the making,” Nas said when asked if he would have penned a track like “Daughters” if his son was older. “But that’s a whole different conversation. When I’m talking to my daughter, I’ve been single, I’ve been young, I’ve been living fast, I’ve been dating, I’ve been doing what I’m doing, seeing different girls all over the world and then that day comes when you have a daughter yourself. You know, it just hits you right in your face and it just changes your whole idea over everything — becoming a parent is what you’re hearing in ‘Daughters.’ You’re hearing myself dealing with being a parent. It’s not easy. … With our sons, you just want to tell them to protect themselves. You tell your daughter that too but with your sons, you kinda gotta let a man be a man.” (“The Cosmic Kev Show”)

Last week, the New York emcee revealed plans to pen a tribute track to his three year-old son Knight.

“I’m very humbled by this moment,” he said. “Much love to everybody. Thanks for the support.” “It felt amazing,” he added about finally getting the LP out, which sold approximately 150-thousand copies on its first week. “A good time in the rap game. It felt like the title. Everything was just flowing.” Among the revelations from the conference call were that a video for “Bye Baby” will be in production soon and Nas is looking to record a track about his son, Knight. “I’m doing a song for my son next,” Nas said. “I already got half the first verse finished.” (XXL Mag)

A few days ago, Nas celebrated his son’s birthday in Los Angeles.

Nas and Kelis have such a cute son! This weekend, the former couple reunited and put all of their differences aside in order to celebrate Knight’s 3rd birthday. It was definitely a great time – the cutie pie kid enjoyed all kinds of finger and face painting, balloons, animals, cake, and toys with his friends. In the end, family is family, and it’s most important that Nas and Kelis are able to come together for the kids. (Global Grind)

In late May, the platinum-selling rapper’s “Daughters” music video premiered online.

Opening with the sound of a baby crying and the name and date of birth of his daughter Destiny, the dad-rap track traces Destiny’s life from her third birthday to watching her dad’s videos to concerned parent Nas not wanting his daughter to sext on Twitter and instagram a box of condoms. While future generations may have to ask their own parents what instagram and Twitter is, “Daughters” shows another side to the versatile MC. More importantly, now that Jay-Z has the Blue Ivy tribute “Glory” and Nas has “Daughters,” I’m hoping this starts the most sentimental beef ever, with each rapper battling over who can write the most touching tribute to his kid. Your move, Jay. (FUSE TV)

Check out Nas’ interview below:

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