Nas Says He Keeps Enemies Close But Fam Closer, “I Don’t Really Keep In Touch W/ Anyone Except My Family”

Nas Says He Keeps Enemies Close But Fam Closer, “I Don’t Really Keep In Touch W/ Anyone Except My Family”

After stealing the show at last weekend’s Hot 97 Summer Jam concert, rap veteran Nas discusses getting Grammy-winning performer Lauryn Hill to join his set and how close of a relationship he keeps with artists.

According to Nasty Nas, Hill’s appearance came courtesy of first finding out Nicki Minaj wanted him to invade her set.

“It was magic. I didn’t want to be announced. I wanted to keep it quiet, a surprise for people. It was an honor to do it again because I haven’t done it in years. [Getting Lauryn out there?] Nicki had asked me to come out during her set and so I figured that would be a great way to go into my show. I only wanted to bring out Lauryn during my set, so she was with it. That’s my sister,” Nas explained in an interview. “[Kept in contact?] I don’t really keep in touch with anyone except my family. Artists, we’re too busy to be in touch, but we’ve seen each other through the years and it’s just love. [Collaborate?] I don’t know. She’s amazing. I’d love to.” (Rap-Up)

Earlier this week, Hill released a statement revealing how she got tagged to perform at Summer Jam.

“No disrespect to Nicki, but I need to clear up an inaccuracy. I was not scheduled to be a special guest on her set at Summer Jam, I was invited by Nas to perform with him. I don’t have details on exactly what transpired between the station and the artists, but I do support artists standing by their beliefs, and walking with integrity” (Statement)

Hill joined Nas on-stage and not only performed her hits but also their “If I Ruled The World” collabo.

Lauryn Hill walked onstage to the murky sounds of the Fugees‘ “Ready or Not.” Clearly the “not” in the equation, the girl sitting next to this writer began to cry, her entire body shaking to keep up with her hands. Hill, who performed a New York comeback show of her own the night prior, did “Lost Ones” as she’d originally recorded it, her raps delivered with bite and confidence. Nas, who hadn’t left the stage, joined in for “If I Ruled the World,” a sing-along for the masses. Her eyes looked wide, her lashes big. Her appearance was perfect in its imperfections: she didn’t hit all of the right notes, but she did hit the sweet spots. (Rolling Stone)

Following the showcase, “God’s Son” hopped onto Twitter and publicly thanked Hill for giving support.

“All love baby! Thanks for coming out @MsLaurynHill!!,” he tweeted June 4th. (Nas’ Twitter)

Check out the Summer Jam performance footage below:

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