Nas Responds To J. Cole W/ “Let Nas Down” Remix [Audio]

Nas Responds To J. Cole W/ “Let Nas Down” Remix [Audio]

New York rap veteran Nas is making sure to let J. Cole know his new “Let Nas Down” anthem did not fall on deaf ears and has responded to the tribute with a remix.

On the response track, Nasty Nas tells Cole how proud he is of the rapper’s growth.

“While you was writing down my rhymes, I was just tryna show you that if you say what’s in your mind, you could stand the test of time/Now I’m playing Born Sinner loud,” Nas raps on the track. “You made your n—a Nas proud. So you ain’t Nas let down, it’s just part of the game, becoming a rap king my n—-/You ain’t let Nas down.” “How that sound? Here’s the crown, pass it to you like nothin’/You ain’t let Nas down.” “Long live the idols, may they never be your rivals,” Nas tweeted on Saturday, quoting Cole’s hook on the original track, and adding, “I ain’t put out no shit in a minute!” before they dropped the song. Nas tweeted up a storm about the new release and Cole responded with gratitude. (RapFix)

The rap veteran also took to his Twitter page to promote the new anthem.

Nas recently took to twitter to post a remix. But it was not just any remix; it was a musical response to the J. Cole track “Let Nas Down”–the very candid and aching single from Cole’s recent album, Born Sinner, about disappointing his idol. Along with the link to the track, Nas wrote #MadeNasProud. Follwed by another tweet that just said: “#MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud #MadeNasProud” (FUSE TV)

Recently, Cole said he ran into Nas, by fate, during an early morning airplane flight they shared and let him hear the record.

“I played him the song, gave him my headphones. I was trying to hear what part of the song he was on because he was behind me,” he shared. “And then, like a minute into the song he was like, ‘Wooo,’ beatin’ my chair, you know what I mean, bangin’ my chair and then, just overall, he was wowed. The look on his face was like, honored that I would make that and then also highly impressed. That was a huge moment for me.” (BET)

Earlier this month, Cole provided some context to Nas’ reaction to his 2011 “Work Out” record.

“N*ggas were killing me,” Cole added, referring to the response to “Work Out.” “My partner gets a call from No I.D. who, that’s my mentor, you gotta understand that, he’s like, ‘What the f*ck? Who approved this sh*t?’ … So I was mad that he didn’t call me and he finally called me a week later and he was explaining to me, ‘Yo, to tell you the truth, I was in the studio with Nas man, and that n*gga was like, ‘Why the f*ck that n*gga make that sh*t? Don’t he know he the one? He was on track. Why the f*ck he do that?’ And I was hurt. I was like, d*mn, why he gonna say that? They gonna box me in like they box him in. F*ck that, I’m getting defensive. But really I was just hurt as a fan, you know what I mean? I idolized that dude, I had his raps written on my wall. So, I said that long a** story so that you have perspective for that song on your menu that says, ‘Let Nas Down’ and I had to tell you that.” (YouTube)

Check out “Let Nas Down” remix:

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