Nas Reacts To Kanye West’s adidas Move & Drake Teaming W/ Jordan Brand

Nas Reacts To Kanye West’s adidas Move & Drake Teaming W/ Jordan Brand

With the launch of his own sneaker venture just weeks away, rap veteran Nas recently shared his thoughts on Kanye West and Drake making headlines by teaming up with giants like adidas and Jordan Brand.

In Nasty Nas’ opinion, seeing artists like Drizzy and Yeezy doing sneaker deals only makes sense.

“That’s what we do. That is what we are all about. If those sneakers come out and kill, it just shows how much hip-hop guys love their shoes. Hip-hop guys should be behind the design of sneakers.” (Complex)

Nasir Jones also explained why he ventured into kicks instead of more popular trends like electronics and beverages.

“Everybody was already doing all those other things and those things have those guys’ signatures on them. We can all open sneaker stores, but who is going to care enough to do it? Everybody in the country, outside the country, loves sneakers. For me, it was something I wanted to do a long time ago; even before I met Nick. Nick was already doing his thing in the business, so the timing was just perfect.” (Complex)

Barring any setbacks, the rap veteran’s sneaker store will open next month in Las Vegas.

You may want to consider booking a trip to Vegas, and not just for the flashing lights, towering casinos, and Smokey Robinson. If you like hip hop, chances are you like sneakers, and Nevada’s world famous tourist hub will soon claim a store that appeals to hip hop fanatics, far and wide. Next month veteran New York lyricist Nas, in partnership with business mogul Nick Sakai, will launch a new sneaker boutique called 12AM RUN. (Huffington Post)

In December, rap star 2 Chainz argued rappers could compete with their own sneaker lines against star athletes’ signature collections.

“Yeah, yeah, let me tell you something. Rap is all year round, we’re not seasonal,” Chainz said when asked if hip-hop artists could sell more sneakers than professional athletes. “See, what’s going on is you got football season. And you got basketball season. And you got baseball season. There ain’t no hip-hop season. So we’re able to wear these shoes all year round. We are the rock stars. I do have an effect on pop culture, so at the end of the day, I think we can sell as many shoes as the next man can.” (Sports Nation)

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