Nas On The 2012 Apocalypse Theory, “How Many Times Have They Said The World’s Gonna End?”

Nas On The 2012 Apocalypse Theory, “How Many Times Have They Said The World’s Gonna End?”

Rap veteran Nas has shared his opinion of the widely believed theory that the world will end in 2012.

Nas says the ancient Mayan belief has raised his curiosity.

“The sh*t the Mayans was talking about and cities in ruins–you can’t ignore nature,” Nas said in an interview. “I put that in ‘Land Of Promise,’ ’cause I’ve been to Telon, Mexico and Tultitl├ín and looked at the pyramids and the calendar that [stops] in 2012, like, wow, what did they know back then? They had pretty sharp astrologists and scientists, so there’s something they’re trying to tell us, man. How many times have they said the world’s gonna end and it didn’t? It’s just something that raises your curiosity. I’m not saying I believe and that this is going to happen. I’m just like everybody else. If it’s gonna happen, lets get it in before it goes down.” (VIBE)

Fellow New York rapper Canibus released his “Canibus Beyond 2012″ song based off the theory in 2007.

“I spit at a thousand chips, kilotons of pressure/every letter is measured in such a way you will remember/December 21st, 2012 is the code/it was placed on the Mayan sun stone to puzzle them” (“Canibus Beyond 2012″)

Earlier this year, Freeway took a more religious approach for explaining why he does not believe in the 2012 theory.

“I’m a Muslim so there’s a lot of things that got to happen before the day of judgement,” Freeway said in an interview. “I don’t see that happening in two years…Jesus still has to come back, establish Islam and all that, I can’t see it happening that quick. And then after that, there’s some things that have to happen before the day of judgement.” (DJ Kay Slay)

The 2012 theory has also been made into a box office blockbuster movie and is based off the date, December 21, 2012.

The year 2012 is referring to the last year of the Long Count Maya calendar. The current Great Cycle, as the Mayas call it, is set to end on the winter solstice of 2012: December 21 2012 and many people believe that on that date, the world will change and never be the same. Some predict terrible events resulting in the destruction of our world and some predict that it won’t necessarily end, but that we will enter a new era and massive changes will occur. (Daily Common Sense)

Check out Freeway speaking on 2012 down below:

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