Nas On Never Winning A Grammy Award: “I Really Don’t Even Want To Go There”

Nas On Never Winning A Grammy Award: “I Really Don’t Even Want To Go There”

Rap veteran Nas recently discussed never bringing home a Grammy award after multiple nominations in his longstanding rap career and whether or not this weekend will be any different.

Despite a handful of nods including “Best Rap Performance” and “Best Rap Album” for his Life Is Good LP, God’s Son refused to predict any outcome for Sunday’s ceremony.

“I really don’t wanna even go there, ’cause I look at it like we already won,” the 39-year-old said, reaching out to give Sway a knowing tap on the shoulder that made it clear “we” meant all of us who’ve sustained hip-hop culture over the span of 30-plus years. “No matter what, we winners, Sway! “I’m just having a good time, I’m happy to be here … and I’m grateful to all y’all out there,” he added humbly. (MTV)

Heading into the weekend, Grammy-nominated rapper Lupe Fiasco predicted Nas would win his first Grammy trophy.

“But every album since Food & Liquor, my first official release, has been nominated for Best Rap Album at the Grammys. [Will I win?] No. Clearly I won’t. [Who is the competition?] Nas, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz. [I know it by heart,] yes, and the Roots. Yup. Ah yeah, there is Drake. I forgot about Drake. … I think they’re going to give it to Nas. I think they’ll give it to Nas, to be honest.” (“Jenny Boom Boom”)

Earlier this week, Nas revealed how many times he has been nominated for a Grammy award and how hip-hop needs to receive more spotlight.

“Uh…yeah,” Nas said when asked if he would be attending this month’s Grammy Awards show. “Four nods, yeah. [Have I been nominated before?] 18 times. Yeah. Yeah. [How do I feel about hip-hop being represented at the Grammys?] It’s cool. I feel it could be a little bit more loved though, a little bit more. Hip-hop is making a lot of noise. You know, it should get some more spotlight.” (“Chelsea Lately”)

Despite performing at the annual ceremony last year, Young Money’s Nicki Minaj recently kept her chin up over not receiving a nod this time around.

“I’ve gotten tons of awards and I believe when it’s my time to get a Grammy, I’ll get a Grammy,” she said with a laugh. “I understand that artists and critics make a big deal over the Grammys. But when I go to my shows and I’m selling out arenas in London, and when I’m in Australia and Japan, there aren’t any Grammys there,” she said. “There are human beings who I’ve touched. There are human beings who are inspired by me, who I love dearly. And that’s what my career is based on.” (Associated Press)

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