Nas Makes First-Ever PSA Announcement: “I Feel Like I’ve Got Power” [Video]

Nas Makes First-Ever PSA Announcement: “I Feel Like I’ve Got Power” [Video]

Music veteran Nas may have over twenty years in the rap game, however, “God’s Son” has made his first-ever public service announcement this week.

In the PSA, Nasty Nas focuses on politics, specifically the value of going out and voting.

“The future of this country is in the hands of the young people. We have the power. We can go to the polls and droves — and vote to get the person that we want. We can do that,” Nas said in his first-ever PSA. “Now that I’ve voted, I feel so much power that I didn’t feel before. I feel like I’ve got power, like what I say matters.” (Our Time)

Last month, West Coast rap newcomer Kreayshawn shared a similar stance for going out on Election Day.

“I think it’s important. For a while I thought the elections were kind of going on behind everyone’s back because I felt like nobody was really talking about it and every day I watch the news and see so much stuff. So I think it’s important just because even though people say your vote doesn’t matter or either way, either person you pick it’s the same result, it’s just good to feel like, you know, whoever wins, you’re like, ‘Yeah! I wanted that person to win.’ Nothing is ever going to go the way we want it to but I’m definitely voting for Obama this year.” (Global Grind)

Over the summer, Nas emphasized how much support he has for President Barack Obama.

“I support Barack Obama and everything he does,” said Nas. “It’s just a hell of a game and I never paid too much attention or cared about a president’s life until he got into office. I didn’t feel they cared about my life. I just feel like it’s a hell of a job. I think he cares about all Americans. And we can say, me being a black man, I’m proud to have that kind of black man in office because it takes that kind of black man…A lot of people want him to cater only to African Americans on their time, when they’re ready for him to do so. That’s ridiculous.” (The LIFE Files)

Not only inspired by the head of state, he recently gushed over the First Lady.

Michelle Obama is the most beautiful woman on the planet,” Nas said in an interview. “She cares about people. All first ladies have their jobs to do, but you can feel her sincerity.” (Complex)

Check out Nas speaking on voting below:

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