Nas Is Out For Dead Presidents, Pours Up The Henny [Video]

Nas Is Out For Dead Presidents, Pours Up The Henny [Video]

Rap veteran Nas looks to be cashing in on some mainstream commercial bucks these days, appearing in a new Hennessy Wild Rabbit advertisement.

Rather than focus on the beverage itself, Nas promotes self-awareness and innovation in the new campaign.

“You are the next thing and you’ve got something that people should see,” Nas says in the Hennessy advertisement. “It’s important that you go all the way with it so you get it out there for people to see. The whole world is waiting for it. Don’t wait on the world. Get started, get busy, go. Never stop, never settle.” (Hennessy’s Wild Rabbit)

Coincidentally, Nas turned down an opportunity to appear in a Coors Lite advertisement due to its negative impact on the youth just over ten years ago.

Back in 2002 on an episode of MTV Diaries, Nas passed on a Coors Lite commercial because he was against promoting beer to youngsters but now in 2013, the 39-year-old Queensbridge mainstay has partnered with the world’s number one selling cognac to endorse a more positive message by inspiring people to never stop, never settle. (DJ Booth)

Last month, Nasty Nas officially joined forces with Hennessy.

Hennessy, the number one selling Cognac brand in the world, announced today that its successful “Wild Rabbit” campaign will continue for a second year. Centered on the notion that true greatness is reserved for those who have reached a level of mastery yet still push for more success, the “Wild Rabbit” program draws parallels among the journeys of leading icons in various fields and the paths being forged by Hennessy aficionados. The award-winning campaign, which in 2012 spotlighted inspiring tales of such masters as Manny Pacquiao , Erykah Badu and Martin Scorsese , will add a new ambassador to their ranks: multi-platinum recording artist and rhyme master, Nas. (Press Release)

Recently, God’s Son spoke on older hip-hop artists having to adapt to the times.

“More than ever, entertainment is about self-promotion — using the power of your fans through social media to market live shows and new business ventures and move a few records. The direct connection to the fans is not just freeing artists from the old corporate structure; it’s redefining the relationship between creator and audience. When piracy hit the entertainment industry, artists were distraught and began distrusting their own fan bases. In truth, it was a response borne from confusion rather than logic. The passion the fans had for what we were creating never went away; we just had to evolve to survive in the new digital world. A huge aspect of that evolution is offering a glimpse into your lifestyle — being more accessible. The power that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram offer is immense. Being an artist today is not only about being creative in what you produce, but finding creative ways to show people what you’re doing. Artists everywhere took notice when Louis C.K. sold his stand-up special and show tickets without a network backing him on the promotion and distribution. That truly was innovation at its best. [sic]” (Tech Crunch)

Check out Nas’ Hennessy Wild Rabbit ad:

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