Nas is Like: God’s Son Breaks Down “Life Is Good” Cover, Artwork’s Importance

Nas is Like: God’s Son Breaks Down “Life Is Good” Cover, Artwork’s Importance

Rap veteran Nas recently talked about his eye-catching Life Is Good album cover and why it is important for his artwork to stand the test of time.

Rather than focusing only on Kelis‘ infamous green wedding gown on the cover, Nasty Nas explains his pensive look in the cover photo and the artwork’s overall tone.

A bright splash of green is all it took to make the album cover for Nas’ Life Is Good pop, but coincidentally for God’s Son, it’s all just a case of the blues. “The cover is like an old blues man talking about his life,” Nas told MTV News about the striking image for his upcoming 10th solo shot. When the already-iconic MC looks back at his career, he wants to be remembered for his cover art. He takes his cues from memorable LPs like Earth Wind & Fire‘s Last Days and Time and Iron Maiden‘s self-titled 1980 debut. “I wanna be the one, like Earth Wind & Fire and Iron Maiden, like album covers that just really stand out,” he said. “I want to be the guy with the best album cover story.” (MTV)

In early June, Nasty Nas discussed the motivation behind his Life Is Good album cover.

“Life, love, joy, anger, celebration. There’s so many things you can see on that album cover. You see my life. My life is on that album cover,” he explained in an interview. “It just happened. It happened on its own. It was not a lot of effort at all. … [Have I heard from Kelis yet?] We just put it out, so it’s still way too fresh. … [Will I hear from her about it?] Eventually at some point.” (Rap-Up)

Earlier the same week, a promotional video for the LP revealed its long-awaited cover.

The one-and-half minute clip clears up the use of Kelis’ infamous green dress, ending with a clip from Nas’ episode of VH1’s “Behind the Music” where he reiterates a moment from his public and bitter divorce from her. “She took her stuff out of the house and left her green wedding dress, and that was all she left,” Nas said on the episode. (Billboard)

If all goes accordingly, fans can get their hands on the LP next month.

“”LIFE IS GOOD” – JULY 17th, 2012!!! #LIFEISGOOD717,” Nas tweeted April 24th.


Check out a Life Is Good promotional video below:

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