Nas & Frank Ocean’s Trashed Collabo Will Be Heard, Promises Hit-Boy

Nas & Frank Ocean’s Trashed Collabo Will Be Heard, Promises Hit-Boy

G.O.O.D. Music’s Hit-Boy recently discussed Nas and Frank Ocean‘s previously scrapped “No Such Thing as White Jesus” collaboration and vowed to unveil it to the world one day.

While he would not dish out too many details, HB described the mystery track as something new and freshing for the rap game.

Hit couldn’t give many more details but said that when “No Such Thing as White Jesus” does finally surface, it will be like nothing we’ve heard from the energetic beatmaker thus far. “It’s different from what you’re used to from me as for as far as the newer joints, as far as the energy joints,” he said. “It’s like a real-life song.” (MTV)

In November, he broke the news of discovering the track after previously claiming it got lost for good.

“It’s a miracle. @RickyAnderson found the infamous blue drive with the vocals from the Nas/frank ocean pro tools session and many more hits.,” Hit tweeted November 8th.

“That drive had been missing for 7 months. The drive was packed up with Kanye equipment from some sessions I had with him in April.” (Hit-Boy’s Twitter)

Following the big retrieval, HB spoke on what the fans could now expect.

The G.O.O.D. Music in-house producer spoke to Hip-Hop Wired moments ago to speak on the origins of the record. “They had packed it up with Kanye’s s**t, which I always felt,” Hit-Boy told HHW. “This was from when I saw you and LowKey and chopped it up downstairs (at Jungle City Studios) when I was out there (in New York City),” said Hit-Boy. The record which was supposed to be on Nas’ latest album, now might not have a home quite yet, so have a little patience on it’s release. “It was supposed to be there,” Hit says of the record. “We are going to figure something out. It’s just dope so I don’t know when it’ll be out.” (HHW)

Back in August, the G.O.O.D. Music hitmaker revealed how he lost their “White Jesus” joint effort.

“I had a bunch of sessions on [a hard drive], and in the mix somehow, in traveling, I lost the drive,” Hit said in an interview. “It’s not only that song — it’s a bunch of other songs I could be done with right now, and I’m kinda pissed about it, but it is what it is. You live and you learn. Now, I’m backing up everything three times over — I had talked to Frank about it and he was gonna try to re-cut it, but he was doing so much for his album that he didn’t have the time. It just didn’t come together.” (Femme Fatale Mixshow)

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