Nas’ Final Def Jam Days Revealed: “He Has Another Project To Drop – Then He’s A Free Agent” [Video]

Nas’ Final Def Jam Days Revealed: “He Has Another Project To Drop – Then He’s A Free Agent” [Video]

Renowned music producer DJ Premier is finally giving Nas fanatics something to rejoice about by promising a collaborative project with God’s Son is coming.

Despite past hints and mounted speculation, Preemo revealed Nas’ final Def Jam requirement is the biggest hurdle standing in the way of a joint effort’s release.

“It’s coming,” Premier promised in an interview. “I just saw him last week. It’s coming. He has another project to drop on Def Jam, then he’s a free agent. Let him get that out. It’ll give me time to get my artists ripped and ready. Then we can all tour together or something.” (WM40A)

Back in 2011, Premier said he expected them to eventually work together on their own joint project.

“[With] Nas, it’s always fun to work with him because we have a formula and vibe that already works. It’s not difficult. It’s like seeing a long lost cousin like, ‘D*mn, I ain’t seen you in years. Let’s get back to what we used to do.’ I submitted some tracks, so hopefully those will work, but if not, he and I are still going to do the Nas/Premier album,” he said. “But he has other albums that come before, but we’re still going to do it, we’ve spoken about it.” (Hard Knock TV)

In 2006, Premier hinted at plans to work with the New York rap heavyweight.

“Nas approached me about doing a whole album for him over a year ago, and I said, ‘I’m down, just holla at me when you’re ready,'” said DJ Premier in the interview over four years ago, “This is the first time I’ve seen him since…I really hope we can get it crackin’.” (Scratch)

Over the summer, Nas said life was inspiring his next solo album’s content.

“Life. I feel like Alexander Graham Bell, knowing that he’s about to do something that’s never been done. I’m bursting with excitement, but focused more than I’ve been in the past. I’m at a place where there’s so many things that ain’t been said. Things I’ve seen that I never talked about that I wanna share. I’m so excited to tell this story because it’s real sh*t. It’s needed. I hate to sound like that–to say it’s needed for hip-hop–but f*ck it. It is.” (VIBE)

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Check out DJ Premier’s interview:

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