Nas Exposes His New York Disconnect: “Man… [It’s] Been Maybe 17, 18 Years”

Nas Exposes His New York Disconnect: “Man… [It’s] Been Maybe 17, 18 Years”

Rap veteran Nas recently discussed his love for the Empire State and why no matter where he is in the world, there can only be one New York City.

Nasty Nas credited the renowned city’s iconic subways for reminding him of his early pre-fame days.

“My upbringing, it is what it is: New York City, it’s the Big Apple, it’s Queens, it’s the subway, it’s all of that,” he said. “Those are the moments that are part of the fiber in me, that’s my DNA. And those are the things that I always go back to. When I look at how far I’ve come, I think about where I’ve come from, and those things will never leave me. … On my album, there’s a song called ‘Loco-Motive,’ and I talk about the subway times in my life. I love the subway; it’s forever.” (MTV)

The New York native even revealed he has not had the luxury of riding on a New York subway in nearly 20 years.

But forever, though? It’s no secret that platinum records typically give way to chauffeured cars, and straphangers aren’t holding their breath for another Shawn Carter sighting, so when was the last time Nas actuallyhopped on the subway, we wondered? A brief hush fell over the suite as Nas, elegant in a black silk suit and heavy knit scarf, tried to suppress an embarrassed smile. “Man,” he said, nervously rubbing the bridge of his nose, “I ain’t been on the subway in maybe 17, 18 years, you know? He let out a sigh: “Wow.” (MTV)

Last fall, Nas’ one-time rap rival Jay-Z journeyed underground from Manhattan to Brooklyn for his final Barclays Center inaugural concert series performance.

R you going my way? Rapper Jay-Z had subway riders gawking in New York on Saturday as he took the R train from Manhattan to Brooklyn for the last of eight shows at the new Barclays Center. If the stadium takes off, it deserves to be known as the House that H.O.V.A. built. The Brooklyn born-and-bred hip-hop prince arrived for his concert via public transportation escorted by police and other security personnel, and waiting fans swooned for the man who has become the public face for the new home of the Nets, even though he owns only one-fifteenth of one percent of the team. (The Daily Beast)

In winter 2012, a New Yorker turned into an overnight sensation after footage of him performing Jay’s “N*ggas In Paris” during a subway ride surfaced online.

In addition to trying to break records, this ‘Ye and Jay-loving (and purple-loving!) citizen also creates the best fitness routine since Bon Iver’s “Lift/Rest.” The N*ggas in Paris” Workout is a pretty simple way to burn calories: First, nervously shake your right leg back and forth, as if you have no control over your own appendages. Then, with the iPod in your left hand, pump your right fist in the air. After one verse, switch the iPod to your right hand and raise your left arm. Most importantly, scream out the lyrics as loudly as you can for as long as you can without inhaling. Finally, for the cool down, wobble around with hands on hips, glance toward the people with their cell phones out, and ask “What, they recording?” If all goes well, you’ll be sweating more than if you actually performed “Paris” 11 consecutive times onstage. (SPIN)

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