Nas & Drake Tickle “Funny” Bones [Videos]

Nas & Drake Tickle “Funny” Bones  [Videos]

Queens emcee Nas and Drake have become the latest hip-hop artists to show off their  lighthearted side by appearing in a couple Funny or Die comedy sketches.

In Nas’ two minute skit, “God’s Son” plays a creepy, mysterious jokester.

Nas creeps in the shadows in a new sketch with Colton Dunn for Funny or Die. Looking for a charger for his iPhone, Esco breaks into the comedian’s hotel room to play mind games, trying to buy time to juice his cell by creeping him out. In the end, the Queens rapper reveals that it was all just a twisted joke. Or was it? (Rap-Up)

Drake’s one-minute clip promotes awareness to the horrors of child slavery.

Filming his first-ever spot for “Funny or Die,” Drake made an effort to raise awareness about child sex slavery around the world. During the video, the former “Degrassi” actor is seen lazily strolling down the street when he comes in contact with a random robot in an alleyway. As the clip rolls on, Drake finds a robot calling out to him before proceeding to walk up to it and throw a punch right directly in its face. The short piece is all part of an ongoing video series to support Ashton Kutcher and wife Demi Moore‘s Take A Stand Against Child Sex Slavery campaign through their DNA Project, which – according to the couple’s site – works to “raise awareness about child sex slavery, change the cultural stereotypes that facilitate this horrific problem, and rehabilitate innocent victims.” (Celebrity Gossip)

R&B singer Justin Timberlake has also taken part in the comedy/awareness clips.

Justin Timberlake is taking a stand against child sex slavery with a drip of humor. Participating in Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” campaign, the “Friends with Benefits” actor takes the lead in a comical PSA that sees him shaving 5-o’clock shadow using a chainsaw. As the 30-year-old actor/singer whips out the chainsaw to shave, a voiceover says, “Real men prefer a close shave.” The clip then moves on to show a hall of fame for some other “real men”. Near the end, Eva Longoria pops out to introduce another addition to the club. Standing inside a log cabin, she declares, “Piers Morgan is a real man. Are you?” (Ace Showbiz)

Check out the comedy sketches below:

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