Nas & Damian Marley’s “Distant Relatives” To Sell 50K In First-Week

Nas & Damian Marley’s “Distant Relatives” To Sell 50K In First-Week

Grammy-winning rapper Nas and Damian Marley‘s Distant Relatives collaboration album is reportedly en route to sell up to 50,000 copies in its first week sales.

Based off one-day estimates, the project will out-sell efforts from singer Janelle Monae and Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek.

Universal Republic’s Nas and Damian Marley collaboration, Distant Relatives, could do as much as 45-50k. The new album from Blacksmith/Rawkus/WB conscious rap duo Talib Kweli +Hi-Tek, Revolutions Per Minute, should bow with 22-25k. Finally, highly touted Bad Boy diva Janelle Monae’s The ArchAndroid is on track for between 15-18k. The Atlanta-based singer, mentored by OutKast‘s Big Boi and signed by Puffy Combs, has been compared to Toni Morrison, Mad Max, Prince and Parliament. (Hits Daily Double)

Last March, Marley revealed Lil Wayne would appear on the project.

“It’s funny, because the track is called ‘My Generation,'” Damian explained in an interview. “It’s definitely geared towards that. Wayne really showed a lot of respect in his verse, in the way that he handled it. He handled it exactly would’ve really loved him to. I don’t have any criticism at all about what he did. I think it’s a great and blessed track. That’s all I can really say about that.” (Hip Hop DX)

The album’s tracklisting was released on the Internet earlier this year.

1. As We Enter 2. Tribal War (feat. K’NAAN) 3. Strong Will Continue 4. Leaders 5. Wisdom (Sabali) 6. Count Your Blessings 7. Disappear 8. The Promised Land (feat. Dennis Brown) 9. Nah Mean 10. Angola (Friends) 11. My Generation (feat. Lil Wayne and Joss Stone) 12. Africa Must Wake Up (Feat. K’NAAN) 13. BONUS TRACK Ancient People (feat. Jr. Reid) (XXL Mag)

Prior to its release, Nas discussed the underlying theme behind his joint album.

“Reggae and hip-hop are cousins,” he said in an interview. “Go back before the ’90s and think about the music that was playing on the ghetto blasters and you’ll hear it…The whole world is like family, split up all over the place. It’s overdue, and I want to help build whatever we can [in Africa]. I’ve worked with a lot of reggae artists, like Sizzla and Supercat, but not until [2005's] Jamrock did I get a chance to work with Damian. I love his music and I’m a big fan of Bob Marley and the whole family. We haven’t worked out any tour dates yet. But I’m sure Damian and I will do something soon.” (Miami Herald)

Check out a recent Nas interview below: