N.O.R.E. Suffers Emotional Loss, “I’m So Hurt & Crushed Right Now”

N.O.R.E. Suffers Emotional Loss, “I’m So Hurt & Crushed Right Now”

New York rapper N.O.R.E. took fans a few steps closer into his personal life over the weekend by announcing the unexpected passing of a family relative.

Revealing his emotions publicly, N.O.R.E. announced the passing of his grandfather.

“God bless my grandpops who just now passed away I’m so hurt and crushed right now don’t know what 2 do,” N.O. tweeted January 20th.

“Don’t know how imma pack for Europe all I’m thinking bout is my grand pops in heaven right now”

“Rest in peace my g pops http://yfrog.com/h5436jwj”

“My g pops a Chicago Pr og!!! Belee dat” (N.O.R.E.’s Twitter)

R&B singer Bobby Brown reportedly lost a family relative on the same day.

Singer Bobby Brown lost his mother, Carole Brown, last Thursday (January 20) in Los Angeles. However details regarding his passing were unknown at press time. Carole was 69 years old.In a statement, releasing through his camp, Brown said his mother supported him through his rise in the music biz and through his rough patches — which included multiple arrests and drug problems. Although the 41-year-old R&B singer says it’s a sad time in his life, he plans to celebrate her life. (Baller Status)

Brown also released a statement discussing the unfortunate loss.

“It is a sad time for me right now,” Brown said. “I am experiencing a tremendous loss, but I vow to celebrate her life in every way that I can with my entire family, including my fiancĂ© Alicia, and my children Bobbi Kristina, LaPrincia, Bobby Jr and Cassius.” (Statement)

Outside of personal matters, N.O.R.E. recently shared his thoughts on the federal government shutting down a few popular hip-hop websites over piracy accusations last month.

“In light of the recent shut down of these great websites that I admire I wanted to speak. I remember having talks wit my partner Tito about only posting iTunes/amazon links of artists music of militainment and others. For the record I don’t agree what the goverment is doing planning and plotting it’s terrible. But I do see why the record labels are snitching. The Internet is so wonderful for asap attention,but perhaps no one has figured out how to get to make dollars and cents. I feel wit all the power that’s these great websites have we can flip this into something good.FOR example when a artist drops a video or song I think it would help had the websites also post the iTunes/amazon links right next to it. I love giving away free music but if there’s is a way for a artist to eat of that I am all for it.I am a partner in a website but I’m also a artist so people let’s try and make it work ESP for those independent mother f*ckers who don’t got corporate America behind them pause peAce hanghang hood chicken good morning good afternoon and got night.” (57th Ave)

Check out some past N.O.R.E. footage down below:

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