N.O.R.E. Says CNN/Raekwon Merger Is A One-Album Deal, “We’re Business Partners As Opposed To Artists”

N.O.R.E. Says CNN/Raekwon Merger Is A One-Album Deal, “We’re Business Partners As Opposed To Artists”

CNN‘s N.O.R.E. has clarified recent reports about signing to Raekwon‘s Ice Water record label for the release of their new album, The War Report 2.

According to Nore, his deal is set-up to allow him and Capone to be business partners with “The Chef.”

“I want everybody to be clear. Its not that we signed as artists. The deal is structured, (Thug) Militainment / Ice Water, through EMI,” he explained in an interview. “We’re business partners, as opposed to artists. I don’t want people to get it confused. 50/50 partners. We figured lets merge so for this particular project, Militainment / Ice Water merger. Yeah, [just for War Report 2]…We figured why not? We were always cool and they had success in what they did. Me personally, I don’t really understand this independent game. I haven’t had much success independent that I had with a major.” (All Hip Hop)

Last month, Nore said joining Raekwon’s team was like reuniting with an older brother.

“I can’t even say that it’s guidance,” he shared about Rae’s position in an interview. “I can just say that you know what Rae adds to the whole thing is like when we had Trag around, Trag brought that like older brother element around and that’s the same thing Rae brings. When he’s around he’s like a older brother.” (XXL Mag)

Rae broke the news of signing CNN in a video announcement last December.

“A lot of things been going on,” Raekwon explained in a self-madevideo. “All I can say, all praises. We been working , everything is getting where it need to be, you know what I mean, we got a new element amongst the family right now. Shout-outs to CNN. They just joined the Ice Water family. CNN, that’s right,Capone and N.O.R.E. You know what time it is, word up, so we did like a little merge thing. So get ready for that, it’s about to jump off.” (Ice Water TV)

Recently, Rae spoke on running his own label and finding superstar talent.

“One thing about my company, we all try to communicate every day,” he explained in an interview. “I feel like if we don’t, that’s going to be the weapon to destroy us. Christine Eva. I got a young cat coming out of North Carolina, he’s 11 years old. His name is Little Justice. I think he’s going to be the next Lil Romeo or the next Bow Wow.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Check out Raekwon speaking on CNN below:

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