N.O.R.E., Olivia & Chamillionaire Say, “Don’t Be A Fool On April 1st!!!”

N.O.R.E., Olivia & Chamillionaire Say, “Don’t Be A Fool On April 1st!!!”

In celebration of April Fools’ Day, N.O.R.E., Olivia and Chamillionaire sat down with SOHH to explain why people shouldn’t be fools on April 1st.

CNN‘s Nore thinks certain April Fools’ jokes can go too far.

“I ain’t gonna front, a lot of times I don’t like the April Fools’ jokes neither,” N.O.R.E. told SOHH. “But a lot of times, if it’s a smooth day, I’ll be involved. I’ll throw a fart cushion on your chair. I’ll do some sh*t like that but I don’t play with you like, ‘Oh your homie got smoked.’ I guess that’s where people draw the line. Usually when you’re talking to artists, they don’t play those April Fools’ jokes probably because one of they guys got murdered or one of they dudes got locked up or something like that, so yeah, that’s not funny. That’s not funny to me neither, I ain’t gonna play that — I’ll say your baby mom’s was caught with motherf*cking Beetlejuice. Yeah, I caught your baby moms with Beetlejuice or I’ll throw a whoopie cushion under your chair.” (SOHH)

The former G-Unit singer told SOHH April Fools’ is no different than any other day in her life.

“I mean, I don’t have a specific thing because I joke around everyday, so everyday is probably April Fools’ because we’re always playing pranks,” Olivia said. “Like, even if we’re on tour. I don’t have a specific one, there’s way too many. Probably half the ones I have I couldn’t say on camera. [laughs] We’re terrible!” (SOHH)

According to Cham, April Fool’s jokes are forbidden in his camp and could lead to an employee’s termination.

“I actually don’t have none man,” Cham said about April Fools’ pranks he has fallen victim to in the past. “People know me, I’m like the Grinch or Scrooge, I don’t be rocking like that. I don’t get a chance to even celebrate any holiday because I be working so much but [my crew] try, like, they don’t try now but in the past they did. Some people almost got fired over some crazy stuff. I’m big with not liking anybody on my team lying, if anybody lies or plays, you’re gone. Even if it’s a joke, if you do it really well, you convinced me, then I’m gonna be scared that you’re lying about some other stuff. One time they tried to do some birthday surprise for me and I was pissed. Like, I was pissed at everybody because it involved a lot of people on my team and I felt like they was lying to me but they thought they were trying to do something good, show appreciation to me but I was like, nah, I don’t like surprises, so that stuff never really turns out really good with me. So they can do that April Fools’ stuff, but just not with me.” (SOHH)

Last April Fools’, hip-hop and rock fans were tricked about a Timbaland and Nine Inch Nails collaboration album.

One of the most brilliant — and mean-spirited — hoaxes in recent years was perpetrated by Trent Reznor, who, on April Fools’ Day 2009, launched a site promoting Strobelight, an album he had supposedly recorded with Timbaland. The joke, of course, was that Timbaland had recently worked with former (now current) Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell on his Scream album. (MTV)

Happy April Fools’ Day from everyone at SOHH!

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