N.O.R.E. Gets Grimey On Trinidad James: “He Piggybacked Off What Kendrick Did” [Video]

N.O.R.E. Gets Grimey On Trinidad James: “He Piggybacked Off What Kendrick Did” [Video]

New York rapper N.O.R.E. is the latest artist to share his two cents on Trinidad James ruffling the feathers of his fellow Big Apple pals after firing shots at the local music scene.

In N.O.’s opinion, James simply took note of how much attention Kendrick Lamar received from his “Control” verse last summer and wanted to enjoy the same buzz.

“I think he’s a smart idiot,” N.O. said in an interview referring to James. “His comments were actually brilliant but his actions were idiotic. I get the fact that you want to be Suge Knight and say something about someone’s city while you’re in their city but you actually was aggressive. If he would have said those same comments [calmly, it would have been different.] … I don’t compare it all because I believe that he piggybacked off of what Kendrick did. I believe that he sat back. He seen how much response Kendrick was getting and he said he’s gonna do the same thing. Not to diss him or anything, but he had one of the biggest records of last year or maybe this year. I don’t remember. And pretty much his heat has boiled down. I’ve done it. I’ve been there. It’s no problem. I’m not dissing nobody and I think that he did that–I think I actually forgive Kendrick more.” (“Montreality”)

Last week, audio from Brooklyn rapper Maino and Trinidad discussing jabs he made about the New York rap scene bubbled online.

“What you saying now is different from what you was saying on stage. I studied that whole thing loud and clear, my n*gga. When you said ‘Yo, we run y’all musically and I ain’t trying to start nothing, but if you want to do something we can do it because I don’t give a f*ck.’ You took away from whatever your opinion was. Whatever your opinion was, you unvalidated it right there in that spot. You started talking some gangsta sh*t. You understand what I’m saying? Never in the history of my city has a n*gga step foot on a New York City stage and disrespected our city like you did. Like this ain’t about me trying to be a bully or me trying to punk you or none of that. It’s about right and wrong.” (YouTube)

A few days ago, rumors about the ATL rapper being robbed in New York City scattered the ‘net.

I heard a rumor and that rumor is simple. They are saying that Trinidad James got robbed of everything that he was wearing while out in NYC. The Southern rapper may have thought it was all sweet after his comments about New York and was caught sleeping. Now, this reportedly happened yesterday and they say he was even relieved of his clothing and gold teeth. Last but not least they let him keep his boxers. Thank God. Now, the last time we heard from this, there was a bit of friction between Maino and Trini, but nobody is saying that Maino had anything to do with it. Furthermore there is nothing to completely substantiate the rumor at all. (AHH Rumors)

Coincidentally, Dipset’s Hell Rell threatened to rob James on a new track called “Lames In The Game.

The issue of Trinidad Jame$ attacking NYC and its hip-hop scene is apparently far from over. Hell Rell and Katt Williams have decided to chime in on the matter, and the two are upset about the disrespect they feel Trinidad showed the city by saying that the South “is running y’all.” In the new song, “Lames In The Game,” Rell warns the Atlanta native that he isn’t safe anywhere in the city, not even at the airport. “I got the nine, the four-five, all chrome everything/We looking to rob “All Gold Everything,” Rell says. Katt Williams comes at Trinidad with what is essentially a half-rapped, half-spoken outro. According to Katt, Trinidad’s “All Gold Everything” pales in comparison to a pimp’s “All Gold Everything.” Even though Katt’s not from New York, he’s not taking Trinidad’s disrespect lightly. (Complex)

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