Mystikal Reveals Nearly Joining G-Unit Over Cash Money [Video]

Mystikal Reveals Nearly Joining G-Unit Over Cash Money [Video]

Cash Money Records’ Mystikal recently revealed just how close he came to inking a deal with 50 Cent‘s G-Unit Records prior to eventually landing a situation at Cash Money.

According to Mystikal, he almost became an official affiliate of Fif’s G-Unit team.

After spending six years in prison for sexual battery and extortion, Mystikal landed on his feet, signing with Lil Wayne‘s Young Money. However, in an interview with, the “Shake Ya A**” rapper says he could’ve signed with 50 Cent. “Matter of fact, [me and 50 Cent] were having conversations,” revealed Mystikal. “It was close. I was still incarcerated at that time.” “I had to go with my move,” he said. “I had to go with something that’s relevant, and that’s going to be effective. Then that’s home team.” (HHDX)

The New Orleans rapper recently said if Cash Money does not work out, he may consider a career in the adult entertainment world.

Mystikal is giving music one last shot — but tells TMZ, if he fails to make another hit on his next album … HE’S TURNING TO PORN. This is not a joke. Mystikal tells us, he needs to make sure the money keeps coming in … and if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s having filthy sex. So porn is his plan b. Which is either crazy … or perfect — because Mystikal served SIX YEARS in prison for sexual battery beginning in 2004 after forcing his hairstylist to perform sex acts on him. But Mystikal is undeterred, telling us he already has a history in porn — winning an AVN award in 2003 for an adult movie he made (he doesn’t actually have sex in it though). (TMZ)

In August, Mystikal gave his first post-jail interview after completing nearly three months behind bars for a probation violation.

“81 days, I’ma be right back. Now that’s that bullsh*t! Man, say bruh, the 81 days is pretty much as tough as those 6 [years]. Of course not as bad. Just the timing, I had made it home, inked my deal and then was on my way up the charts and here goes the bullsh*t again. God d*mn. I definitely took advantage of it. I used it as an opportunity to judge calm down and reflect on everything and just stay fresh, stay hungry, stay ready.” (#Mystikal Monday)

The rapper’s Cash Money boss, Birdman, previously took an upbeat approach to his jail woe.

“Sh*t happens, bruh. All I can do and all we can do as a brand is just support him. When a n*gga doing time, it’s important that families be there,” Birdman said in an interview. “That’s when you see who means something to you in life, when you down. We gon’ be there with him. We been there before. We know how that go. We do as much music as we can before he go, if he have to go, but besides that, when he come home, it’s right back at it. The same day that concrete touch, the same day we putting out music.” (Complex)

Check out Mystikal’s interview below:

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