Mystikal Bounces Back For New LP

Mystikal Bounces Back For New LP

After being released from jail nearly a year ago, Southern rapper Mystikal is nearing the completion of his long-awaited comeback album.

For help on the upcoming LP, Mystikal looked no further than to fellow New Orleans native Mannie Fresh for assistance.

“We finishing up his album and the thing of it is, I just want it to be a traditional New Orleans album,” Fresh revealed in an interview. “I just want to reach back and get New Orleans artists, the way we used to put it down. There’s no disrespect to no other artist, but I don’t feel like we have to go outside the circle. We got so much talent in our city. I would like to get some of that Neville [family] stuff on there and [Trombone Shorty]. But that’s what it is. I want to bring it back to where it started from.” (MTV)

Last January, Mystikal announced his release from jail after a six year bid.

“I’m back! I’m still tryin’ to feel this reality,” he said in a radio interview. “It still almost feels like a dream. Six years off the scene, for most rappers it’d be over with. Man, it’s gon’ be the beginning for me, and I’m finna get my reparations.” (Rap-Up)

He also talked about taking a more positive approach to life.

“It was tough. I took it in stride,” he said of his situation. “For a while, it felt like, I was gone so long…I’m back and I love y’all and I missed y’all, and I want to send out appreciation for all the fans…I’m going to be doing a lot of positive things.” (BET)

Mystikal began serving his time roughly seven years ago.

The rap star was imprisoned due to forcing his hairstylist to have sex with him several years ago, as well as an extortion charge. He initially denied the assault crime, until a videotape of the incident was discovered at his home. Mystikal plead guilty to the charges he faced in 2003, and then began a six year prison sentence in Louisiana State Prison system. During his prison sentence, he was also charged and convicted of misdemeanor counts of failing to file tax returns for 1998 and 1999. Mystikal began serving his time after January 16, 2004. (Gather)

An album release date has not yet been announced.

Check out footage of Mannie Fresh and Mystikal down below:

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