Murs Reveals What Every Rapper Should Buy W/ Their First Big Paycheck

Murs Reveals What Every Rapper Should Buy W/ Their First Big Paycheck

West Coast rap veteran Murs is dropping music industry knowledge and letting hip-hop artists know what precautions they should take to help limit money problems in the future.

Murs stressed the importance of maintaining good hygiene while touring.

“Murs: Always brush your teeth before you pass out drunk on the tour bus, because alcohol and IHOP equals roots canals, and they are expensive. Even with insurance. Buy income property with your first or next big check. That way your tenants pay the mortgage while you’re out touring”. (XXL Mag)

Last month, Shady Records’ Yelawolf dished out his own music industry tips.

“My advice to other artists is um you don’t really f*cking need a label anymore, you don’t need a major label, you don’t need none of that sh*t,” he explained. “If they’re not absolutely working as a promotional company, as an engine to promote your music every single f*cking day — when you sign a contract, you better be d*mn sure they have obligations to work your sh*t. A lot of nonsense comes with it. I wish I could say that I’m happy with my situation but I’m not. I’m just putting it out there, I mean f*ck, that’s my job. It’s my life, it’s my job. I don’t have anything personally against Interscope or anyone up there, but my situation is not what it’s supposed to be. That’s for sure. When you join a label, you really shouldn’t be joining them to create a career. You should only be joining a label to better your situation. That way, whether they do something or not, you’re still in the same boat. You’re not really affected by them not working, you’re only helped if they do work. And that’s the kind of situation I’m in.” (Skee TV)

In fall 2011, Miami’s Ace Hood revealed what financial strategy he applied to avoid debt.

“Now, if I make $100,000 per month, I save at least $60,000,” he explains. “You definitely have to save for rainy days. You never know. It could rain, but then again it might storm. Hail might come. Maybe a tornado.” Another lesson: Don’t be afraid to ask advice. Ace Hood listens carefully to fellow Miami-based hip-hop veterans DJ Khaled and Rick Ross. Though Ross, a frequent member of FORBES’s Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, has been know to brag about “blowin’ money fast,” he and Khaled have told Ace Hood simply, “Make sure to save.” Ace Hood also says he learned not to overspend on significant others. In 2008, he’d give his then-girlfriend as much as $800 every few days to fund extravagant shopping trips. No more. (Forbes)

Murs previously talked to SOHH about cutting his trademark dreads.

“Maybe it was the time,” Murs told SOHH, referring to the popular trend of artists cutting off their long hair. “Lil Wayne still has it and he’s the king. Or he’s the king of the young people I should say. It definitely had a lot to do with me, learning about myself. To me, it puts more pressure to stand out more from the action of my words rather than just the hairstyle. A lot of people think I smoke weed [because of the stigma associated with long locks].” (SOHH)

Check out a recent Murs interview below:

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