Mrs. Kanye West Escapes Jail Time After Office Depot Meltdown, “I Have An Anger Problem”

Mrs. Kanye West Escapes Jail Time After Office Depot Meltdown, “I Have An Anger Problem”

A woman legally named Mrs. Kanye West (born Linda Resa) is making weekend headlines with reports claiming she avoided time behind bars for an Office Depot incident in New York City last September.

Despite performing an act of violence by throwing an amplifier through a Manhattan Office Depot last year, Mrs. Kanye West received no jail time.

A 28-year-old Linda Resa, who legally changed her name to Mrs. Kanye West last year, sparked a true “what the f*ck?” moment in a Manhattan Criminal Court today (May 31) because of her name alone. Mrs. West was in court to cop a plea for throwing an amp through the window of an Office Depot in Times Square this past September. West, who shuttles back and forth between New York and Chicago, performing songs by the real Kanye and BeyoncĂ©, admitted “I have an anger problem a little bit.” As for why she didn’t adopt Bey’s name, she replied, “I don’t want to sleep with Beyonce.” (Complex)

She also got on Twitter to provide fans with updates.

“How many days would it take to complete 100 hours of community services?,” Mrs. Kanye West tweeted May 30th.

“Atleast they dropped the felony charge.” (Mrs. Kanye West’s Twitter)

The street performer claims Yeezy gave her his blessing to share the same name under a certain condition.

Mrs. West is reported to have met her idol at a talent show in 2005. Regarding the decision to change her name, he told her that “he’s OK with it,” but he did impose the following condition: “He said as long as I act like a lady it’s OK.” For now, it remains to be seen precisely how ladylike the rapper interprets her actions. (Prefix Mag)

Earlier this year, Mrs. West defended her decision to maintain Kanye’s government tag.

Well after some bird tattooed Drake on her forehead, I’m not surprised by any of this any longer. A Chicago resident, formerly named Linda Resa, who professes her love for Kanye West legally changed her “stage name” recently to Mrs. Kanye Resa West. Well, OK. Not only is she in love with Kanye, she has his name tattooed on her arm and her behind. She tells a Chicago radio host that she currently has a feud going (in her mind) with Kim K., but is cool with Amber Rose because she is now with Wiz Khalifa. In response to folks that say she’s crazy, she responded, “I say that they don’t really know Kanye… Until he says I’m crazy, I’m going to keep on going.” (Sunday Brunch)

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