Mos Def’s Force-Feeding Disturbing Clip Upsets Medics: “It’s Ridiculous, 100 Percent False”

Mos Def’s Force-Feeding Disturbing Clip Upsets Medics: “It’s Ridiculous, 100 Percent False”

Weeks after rapper Yasiin Bey a.k.a. Mos Def shocked viewers with footage of what Guantanamo Bay detainees allegedly experience through force-feeding, various U.S. medics have lashed back with reactions.

One medic claims Bey’s eye-opening video does not accurately illustrate what really takes place.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s 100 percent false,” said a Navy nurse known as “Ensign Lodowick” at the detainee hospital where real names are protected for security reasons. Journalists are not allowed to speak to any of the 166 captives held at the U.S. naval base in eastern Cuba nor to watch as nurses insert feeding tubes into the noses and down into the stomachs of hunger strikers who receive liquid nutrients while strapped into feeding chairs. (Reuters)

The latest report also suggests many of the detainees do not suffer the same extremes shown in the featured clip.

In a series of interviews with Reuters inside the detainee hospital, Navy doctors, nurses and hospital corpsmen said most of the 44 hunger strikers they tube-feed are calm, accepting and eager to get on with what has become a daily routine. “Most are asking us to hurry up, make it go faster,” said Lieutenant Junior Grade “Lucentio,” a Navy nurse. Most of the nametags on the staff’s camouflage uniforms are pseudonyms drawn from Shakespearean plays. Some detainees drink the liquid meals, usually Ensure, directly from the can, the medics said. All of them eat some regular food some of the time, but in small enough quantities to maintain their status as hunger strikers and continue their protest against open-ended detention at Guantanamo, where most have been held for 11 years without charge. (Yahoo News)

Disturbing footage of Bey undergoing the horrific procedure surfaced online in early July.

Yasiin Bey is always less than conventional. While his music hasn’t really reached his classic Black On Both Sides levels in a while, he’s still pushing the envelope in other ways. Recently, he put himself through the force-feeding procedures Guantánamo Bay detainees go through twice a day in a four-minute film created by Human Rights organization Reprieve and award-winning director Asif Kapadia. As Ramadan begins, more than 100 hunger-strikers continue their protest and more than 40 of them are being force-fed in a manner similar to what’s seen here with Yasiin. (Smoking Section)

While the standard procedure typically lasts for extended periods of time, Yasiin could only last a few minutes.

The video is an upsetting watch, tears stream down Bey’s face as he is force fed and he shouts continually throughout until he can’t take any more and they release him. The rapper then tells us what the experience was like, describing a ‘burning’ sensation, his face still wet from the tears. Bey ends his role by announcing ‘Good morning’ to the viewer, presumably this is meant as a ‘wake up’ call to the world, that everyday people are suffering like the viewer has seen. Captions appear at the end informing us that the normal procedure would last for two hours, putting in context how little someone could take voluntarily. (Gigwise)

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