More Women Sue NYC Club After Chris Brown/Drake Brawl

More Women Sue NYC Club After Chris Brown/Drake Brawl

More women have sued New York City nightclub W.i.P. weeks after the publicized Chris Brown and Drake entourage brawl and claim they have permanent injuries.

The two victims blame W.i.P. for continuing to dish out alcohol which, they claim, contributed to the brawl.

Two women who claim they were injured in the Chris Brown vs. Drake brawl have sued the nightclub … insisting it wouldn’t have happened if the club hadn’t been over-serving people who were already trashed. In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ … Lucy Pavlovsky and Nadia Beddini claim they each suffered permanent injuries in the bottle-smashing fight inside W.i.P nightclub in NYC on June 14. Both women claim they suffered damage to their face, head, neck, body and extremities. TMZ obtained photos of Lucy, taken the day after the brawl — which show lacerations to her arm that required stitches. (TMZ)

Although Drizzy and Breezy highlighted the publicized crime scene, neither are named in the lawsuit.

In the suit, both women point the finger at the people who ran the club … claiming the bottle-throwers were “sold and consumed alcohol in excessive amounts” … even after they appeared wasted. In the suit, filed in state court in New York by attorney Javier Solano, the women also claim the club failed to properly train its bouncers to handle a violent situation. The women are also suing the bottle-throwers — but since their identities are still unknown, they’ve listed the culprits as John Does 1 through 5. The women are suing for unspecified damages. Neither Chris Brown nor Drake are personally named in the suit. A rep for the club tells TMZ, “We work hard to provide a safe environment. If an accident or injury occurs we try to respond appropriately. We will review the claims in this lawsuit and address them in court.” (TMZ)

Days after the fight took place, one of the club victims sued W.i.P after getting injured from the incident.

Lucy Pavlovsky, 24, of Hoboken, N.J., suffered two gashes on her arm at Thursday’s melee at club W.i.P. that required 12 stitches to close. “My plan is to sue anybody who threw a bottle, anybody who created that dangerous atmosphere,” Pavlovsky’s lawyer, Javier Solano, said Sunday. Solano said Pavlovsky, a financial planner for Macy’s, was sitting at rapper Fabolous‘ table in the club’s VIP section when all hell broke loose. “It was like a war zone,” Solano said. “You had guys there 300 pounds, 6-foot-5, throwing these bottles as hard as they can.” Pavlovsky was among at least eight people injured in the brawl that witnesses said erupted over a beef between Drake and Brown over singer Rihanna, whom they’ve both dated. (New York Daily News)

This all comes in light of the club reportedly re-opening this weekend.

After a high-profile shutdown that involved a nexus of outrage gathering local politicians, celebrities, and nightlife, the SoHo nightclub that yielded the thrown bottle heard ’round the world–W.I.P., the site of the Drake and Chris Brown brawl–is on the way to re-opening. The Observer has heard from multiple sources that W.I.P. (the site of the brawl) and Greenhouse (the club that it was spawned from, which shares the same property and address) can operate again, and will do so beginning on July 8th. A spokesperson for the club confirmed: W.I.P./Greenhouse has reached an agreement–“in principle”–with the city to reopen in the coming week. (Observer)

Check out coverage of the New York City brawl below:

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