More Details Emerge In Jay-Z/Beyonce Marriage Stabbing, “He’s Currently In Stable Condition”

More Details Emerge In Jay-Z/Beyonce Marriage Stabbing, “He’s Currently In Stable Condition”

A day after reports circulated online claiming an Ohio man was stabbed for not knowing rap star Jay-Z is Beyonce Knowles-Carter‘s husband, more details have arose on what went down New Year’s Eve.

In addition to the stabber’s girlfriend getting arrested, additional reporting claim the victim underwent surgery to address the wound on the left side of his body.

Ronnie Deaver, 31, had close friend Mark Kozelka, 48, over at his apartment in Garfield Heights, Ohio, to watch videos. “An argument erupted when it was realized that the victim did not know who singer Beyonce’s husband was,” Detective Marty Compton of Parma Police Department said. “Both males then faced off during the argument and the victim was stabbed in his left side. The victim was subsequently transported to the hospital where he underwent surgery. He is currently in stable condition and remains hospitalized for what appears to be a non-life threatening injury.” A woman in the house, Jennifer Fornari, 31, was also arrested for obstructing justice and tampering with evidence after she allegedly lied to police that Deaver no longer lived there so he could escape out of the rear window. (RumorFix)

Initial reports revealed the stabbing took place outside an apartment complex.

A fight over a music video led to a Garfield Heights man being stabbed outside a Parma apartment on New Year Eve. Det. Marty Compton of the Parma Police Department tells Fox 8 News that Ronald Deaver, 31, of Parma, was arrested and charged with felonious assault for allegedly stabbing a 48-year-old Garfield Heights man following an argument. Det. Compton says the fight began because the victim did not know that singer Beyonce’s husband is rapper Jay-Z. (Fox News)

Although the stabbing proved to be non-fatal, the victim was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

An arrest report obtained by Fox 8 News states the alleged stabbing occurred around 11:00 p.m. on December 31, 2011, outside Deaver’s apartment on Broadview Road. Det. Compton says authorities were called following the stabbing and the victim was taken to a local hospital. He was later transferred to MetroHealth Medical Center where he is currently listed in good condition. Police attempted to locate Deaver at his apartment, but according to the report, a woman in the residence, Jennifer Fornari, 31, told officers that Deaver no longer lived there. Deaver was located by police a short time later and Fornari was arrested on an obstructing justice charge. (Fox News)

No where close to Ohio, Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted dining in Brooklyn, New York over the weekend.

As we’ve noted in the past, BeyoncĂ©–and by extension, her husband Jay-Z–have immaculate restaurant taste. So it’s really no surprise that on our way out the door from celebrating New Year’s at one of our favorite Brooklyn restaurants, Buttermilk Channel, that we heard whispers that the couple was on their way. D*mn, really? And sure enough, we soon could confirm that Jay, B and unborn child were seated in a cozy table in the back. So, no, she did not check into the hospital to have her baby. (Food Republic)

Check out coverage of the Ohio stabbing down below:

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