More Amber Rose Nude Pics Leak, Wiz Khalifa Addresses Explicit Shots

More Amber Rose Nude Pics Leak, Wiz Khalifa Addresses Explicit Shots

Model Amber Rose is once again making headlines for explicit nude photos leaking online just weeks after a previous batch of shots circulated across the Internet.

The latest collection of X-rated images hit the Internet Friday (September 16).

Fresh photos of Amber Rose in the nude have surfaced online, just months after a first batch were leaked. The photos – which were leaked by – feature Amber in a series of erotic poses. It is not known if the photos were taken at the same time as the first set and Amber is yet to set the record straight on the new leak. (Tale Tela)

Rose’s boyfriend/rapper Wiz Khalifa has come forward to address her personal photos becoming publicly exposed.

“I could see if that was what she was doing while I’m with her or something like that and it was in a disrespectful way, but it’s nothing like that. It’s not even, like, the pictures or her past is a raunchy past,” Wiz said in an interview. “She did what she had to do. There’s plenty of powerful women who overcame that, and that’s what she really is, an example of what work and faith in God, you know what I’m saying, can get you into a positive situation. You can make a positive out of a negative. The biggest misconception about Amber is that she wants attention,” he later continued. “Everybody thinks that she does stuff for attention and that she loves attention, but she’s really, really reserved and shy. She just gets attention ’cause she’s dope.” (Sister 2 Sister Magazine)

In late August, Rose had three nude photos leak online.

Nude photos of Amber Rose have surfaced once again on the Internet Tuesday. Surprised? Rose who once dated rapper Kanye West, appears in the photos completely bare while posing on a bed. Nude photos of Amber Rose also leaked earlier this year, on June 28, 2011- this being the latest of amateur photos of the curvaceous socialite being released by Rose, who is currently dating rapper Wiz Khalifa, bares it all in the following 3 picture set. (News One)

A few weeks ago, the blonde bombshell revealed plans to one day marry Wiz.

“We’re definitely going to get married and have babies. Not right now because we’re still busy and we still want to enjoy each other first. We want to go on vacation, travel and just enjoy each other company, but he’s definitely the one. We’re definitely going to lay it down and get it done.” (Global Grind)

Check out some recent Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose footage below:

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