Money To Blow: Lil Wayne Lands On “Highest Paid Celebs Under 30″ List

Money To Blow: Lil Wayne Lands On “Highest Paid Celebs Under 30″ List

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is living up to his Young Money label name by snagging a spot on Forbes‘ “Higest-Paid Celebrities Under 30″ list amongst other music stars including Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

Weezy F. Baby fell outside of the Top 5 celebrities with just under $30 million.

Justin Bieber is the only man in the Top 5, and also the youngest of the group. Fitting comfortably between Taylor Swift ($57 million) and Rihanna ($53 million) with $55 million in his bank account, The Bieb earns a little more than double Lil Wayne (whose laughable $27 million income puts him barely ahead of male Twilight co-stars Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, who are each estimated to be worth $27.5 million). (Pop Dust)

Country singer Taylor Swift’s $57 million placed her atop the competition.

Female pop singers led by Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Lady Gaga dominate the latest Forbes magazine ranking of highest-paid celebrities under 30 years old. Overall, girls garnered six of the coveted spots on the Top 10 list and four of the top five positions. Swift, 22, beat out teen heartthrob Justin Bieber for top honors, earning an estimated $57 million for the year ending in May. (New York Daily News)

Last summer, Wayne made Forbes‘ Hip-Hop Cash Kings list.

Jay-Z (aka Shawn Carter) leads all comers once again with $37 million in earnings since last August. A majority of the dough is proceeds from his Blueprint 3 tour. Nipping at his heels, however, is fellow mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, who raked in a neat $35 million from his Bad Boy record label, his Sean John clothing line and his lucrative Ciroc vodka deal. Kanye West may have landed at No. 3, but he’s a ways down there at “only” $16 million. The rest of the top 10 had similar years, revenue-wise, with Cash Money honcho Bryan “Birdman” Williams tying Lil Wayne for the next two spots with $15 million, showing that tha Carter isn’t doing too bad, either. (E! Online)

He even flaunted his Forbes status last month when asked about getting snubbed from an Oklahoma City Thunder play-off game.

The rapper said two Thunder players – Kevin Durant and James Harden – had reached out to offer him tickets to Saturday’s fourth game of the Western Conference Finals. “That’s not the point, though,” he told The Associated Press in an interview Friday night. “It’s the players stepping up but of course the players aren’t white. I don’t want to be sitting there on behalf of you and I’m sitting next to a (person) that’s like ‘I don’t want this (guy) sitting next to me.’ (Forget) you … I’m in Forbes,” he said, laughing. He said he typically procures tickets for such games “from this guy named Mike.” Lil Wayne said Mike had requested special security, parking and entrance for the rapper, but Mike said the team responded that they would only sell the seats for Mike’s personal use. (KVAL News)

Check out some recent Lil Wayne footage below:

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