Mobb Deep’s Prodigy Addresses Sick, Hospital Rumors

Mobb Deep’s Prodigy Addresses Sick, Hospital Rumors

Mobb Deep’s Prodigy has come forward to clear the air on alleged rumors claiming he is sick and has been hospitalized.

Denying the gossip, Capital P affirmed his health is currently in top notch condition.

“Dont know why people think im sick/in hospital…..false info. Strange how that happens. Im strong as 151…in crazy shape.,” he tweeted Saturday (May 7). (Prodigy’s Twitter)

After rumors hit the Internet in 2008 about Prodigy having health problems while serving a three-year jail bid, Mobb Deep’s Havoc told SOHH his partner in rhymes was in good shape.

“His health is good as far as I know,” Hav told SOHH. He’s in good spirits. He wants to get the f*ck out but he’s feeling good. We just want to hurry up and get him home and get back to normal life.” (SOHH)

Outside of rumors, Mobb Deep recently linked with New Jersey rapper Lady Luck.

Prodigy, Havoc and Lady Luck lay down their verses for a forthcoming collaboration. A recently reunited Mobb Deep is making some beautiful music with Lady Luck. Prodigy and Havoc recently hit the lab with the Englewood, New Jersey rapstress to cook up a soul-inspired song, which could end up on the duo’s reunion LP. In a recently released clip, Luck enters the booth first, spitting gruff rhymes about hurting the competition and revealing tidbit about her sexuality. (Hip Hop DX)

Last month, Havoc revealed plans to drop a new Mobb Deep album by the end of summer.

“I feel that we’ve been in the business long enough to totally know what to do,” he said in an interview. “The whole thing right now is to really capitalize on our talent and what we do instead of having all these major labels take, take, take. We might as well reap the rewards of our success.” Havoc said the eight- to 10-song EP, which the group plans to call Mobb Deep, will drop in August and will be the first Mobb Deep project released since Prodigy was released from prison in March. “Sometimes you have to man up and do you your own thing. We can do this. We’ve been in the game for years, so it’s like, ‘Let’s do it. The time is now.'” (MTV)

Check out a recent Prodigy interview below:

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