Mobb Deep’s Havoc Speaks Up For Solar, “I’m Just Tired Of Hearing Everybody Sh*t On Him”

Mobb Deep’s Havoc Speaks Up For Solar, “I’m Just Tired Of Hearing Everybody Sh*t On Him”

Mobb Deep’s Havoc has defended producer Solar after  DJ Premier called him out for mistreating late rapper Guru.

Hav said hip-hop is turning the loss of Guru into full fledged anger toward Solar.

The Queens icon is well-aware that fans have put blame on Guru’s post-2004 musical partner, Solar. “I hear everybody saying things against Solar, the dude that was with him in his final days, whateva-whateva – we can hold anger towards him, but that anger is just in vain if we don’t do something ourselves and hold our own memorial,” deduced Hav. “By me doing this interview and saying that, hopefully people will hear it and catch onto it and say, ‘You know what? That’s a good idea.’ I’m just tired of hearin’ everybody sh*t on Solar. ‘Cause you know what? F*ck him. I don’t know him personally, but let’s just do something for Guru.” (Hip Hop DX)

This week, Solar’s e-mail account was reportedly hacked into.

The strange, sad saga that is the circus surrounding Guru’s death continues this week with the news that someone has hacked the e-mail accounts and Twitters of Solar and Guru, and is leaking private message that show the twisted relationship Guru and Solar had together. Among the revelations of the reams of e-mails released (and are still being released), Solar allegedly: abused Guru, prevented him from getting medical treatment and instead forced him to tour Europe, cut his family out of his life, forged his death letter and tried to use his imminent death to sell unreleased material. (Prefix Mag)

Recent reports suggest Solar sold Guru’s home earlier this year.

In the Rockland County NY newspaper, “The Journal News” there were recent public notices of Real Estate transactions. One of them listed Keith Elam (Guru) purchasing/selling a condo in Nanuet, Aspen Court for around $325,000 on…. 3/18/2010. Guru was still in coma at that moment…..But check this out. About a year ago he also bought a house for $329,600.00 on 03/26/2009 And here is the document to back it up. So, you’ll probably say: So? There are probably more Keith Elam’s in NY, right? Well, think again… It’s in Nanuet, Aspen Court. And guess what’s the P.O Box of Solar’s “Foundation”? 119 Rockland Ctr, #328, Nanuet, NY 10954. So we can say that this Keith Elam is probably Guru. And someone seems to be messing around with houses while Guru was still in Coma. We won’t say any names (Sup Solar?), but we are going to find out what’s going on here for sure, so stay tuned! This is going to be very interesting! (F*ck Solar)

Solar recently denied mistreating Guru while he was in a coma over the winter.

“Guru was cared for in the CCU at their highest level of care for a patient in his condition. I was at the hospital every day — some days numerous times to check on Guru,” Solar claimed. “He was always clean and well attended too. Guru was in a room equipped with around-the-clock video surveillance as well as hospital personnel. Premier’s visit can be easily verified. The hospital has a strict visiting policy which includes signing in to see a patient. The CCU has an even stricter policy which is very thoroughly enforced. They will most certainly ask what day this visit took place and what time did he visit to facilitate process. My people and I would never tolerate any mistreatment of Guru in any way, shape, or form. Did DJ Premier complain to the hospital authorities about what he claims he saw?! If so who were the hospital authority? [sic] What was their response?” (All Hip Hop)

Check out Raekwon speaking on Guru’s legacy down below:

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