Mobb Deep’s Havoc Runs That Beat Back: “Get Your Mic Ready”

Mobb Deep’s Havoc Runs That Beat Back: “Get Your Mic Ready”

With a full-fledged Mobb Deep reunion reportedly on deck, group member Havoc has announced plans to get his production skills back up by releasing new bi-weekly instrumentals.

Hav broke the production news to his 72,000-plus Twitter followers this week.

“Working on releasing a beat every 2-3 weeks on iTunes. MC’S get your MIC’S ready!! #13,” he tweeted February 6th.

“Artist get your mic ready the first beat dropping this week! #13″

“Ima drop a 5-6 instrumental disc for the fans #13″

“I appreciate the fans for supporting my beats since day 1.”

“1st beat im dropping is called #Gritty” (Havoc’s Twitter)

Just yesterday, reports of a Mobb Deep reunion tour bubbled acrossed the Internet.

It’s official: hip-hop duo Mobb Deep’s putting their beef on the back burner … and officially heading out on a 20th anniversary tour later this spring … TMZ has learned. The duo — a.k.a. Havoc and Prodigy — were entwined in an intense rap feud ever since Havoc tore into Prodigy on Twitter … claiming among other things that Prodigy had engaged in a slew of jailhouse relationships during his 3-year stint in the slammer. But now, the two rappers have let bygones be bygones … and recently announced they’re headed back on the road together. First stop? The Paid Dues festival in L.A. this March. Sources close to the group say it’s just the first of many shows — and will act as the unofficial kickoff for their April world tour … where they’ll be celebrating 20 years as a group. (TMZ)

Recently, Hav revealed how he went from being an emcee to elite producer.

“I definitely started off as an emcee first,” Hav said in an interview. “That’s how I started, that’s how I came into the game. Basically, how I became a producer was because we couldn’t afford the beats. These producers were charging like a million dollars a track. We invested in a little bit of equipment, started making tracks and it had a life of its own. It was crazy. It was a lot of pressure, but I love pressure. Pressure creates diamonds. I just did it.” (Converse Rubber Tracks: Oh, Hello)

He also narrowed in on the simplicity of today’s beat selections.

“You miss those times because more effort was put into the music,” Hav added, referring to the 1990’s music scene. “Music was album-orientated. Now it’s just single-orientated. Now, it’s so many producers out there, music is just like [instantly made]. It’s not really a special event anymore. Not to really criticize the game like that because it is what it is. If you want to make money, then okay, you’ll just make these cookie cutter beats but if you want to stand out and leave your mark on the world, you’ll make something that sounds different and take a risk. No risk, no reward.” (Converse Rubber Tracks: Oh, Hello)

Check out a recent Havoc interview:

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