Mobb Deep, Just Blaze & Billy Danze Name Their All-Time Fave Records

Mobb Deep, Just Blaze & Billy Danze Name Their All-Time Fave Records

With the weather only getting warmer and summer jams on the horizon, SOHH reached out to your favorite hip-hop artists including Mobb Deep, Just Blaze and M.O.P’s Billy Danze to find out what their all-time favorite records are.

For Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, his all-time smash goes back to 1999.

“It got to be ‘Quiet Storm,'” Capital P told SOHH. “It got to be ‘Quiet Storm’ because when Havoc made that beat, I was just like, amazed. It was like a sample from an old-school record and he added his own flavor to it and it just turned it into something else. It just gave it a whole new feeling. He added the drums, the piano, it was just like, ‘Wow.’ That was like one of the most amazing tracks I’ve heard from him. That’s one of my favorites right there. We did the original music video first and then we dropped the remix with [Lil’] Kim on it and Hav on it. It was just crazy. Both versions are crazy but my favorite is probably the one with Lil’ Kim and Hav because it just added that whole female element to it.” (SOHH)

While he could respect P’s choice, Havoc told SOHH his all-time favorite Mobb track is their iconic “Shook Ones” anthem.

“My favorite Mobb Deep record is a no-brainer,” Hav told SOHH. “It would have to be ‘Shook Ones’ simply because of the fact that if it weren’t for that record, I probably wouldn’t even be here talking to you and I love the record anyway. [laughs] I could agree with Prodigy’s ‘Quiet Storm’ pick but on this one, I’m going with ‘Shook Ones.'” (SOHH)

Former Roc-A-Fella Records mega producer Just Blaze told SOHH his pick would be a tie between Jay-Z‘s “P.S.A” and Jay Electronica‘s “Exhibit C.”

“It would probably be ‘Public Service Annoucement,’ because it almost didn’t happen,” Blaze revealed to SOHH. “From a record that didn’t exist, when we sent the album out to be mastered, to mastering to becoming the hallmark record on that album. It’s a great success story in iteself and not only that, I think I’d say the Jay Electronica, ‘Exhibit C.’ I think that record became more than a good song, it became a statement and it restored a lot of people’s faith in hip-hop. That it could still succeed in today’s market and get recognition from more than an underground setting. It definitely became more than a song. It was definitely a statement that people still wanted and still fans of just plain, old-fashioned beats and rhymes with a message to it. Somehow that message was conveyed from something that we just decided to do one night just for fun. That’s what happens sometimes. It’s natural and organic that way.” (SOHH)

M.O.P’s Billy Danze dug deep into his and Lil’ Fame‘s stash with his all-time favorite record chocie.

“Right now, I’ve got to say, and it’s a track that we don’t even perform. It’s a track called ‘Muddy Waters,’ where a good friend of mine from Norway, who is an incredible producer, he did the track for us. It’s called ‘Muddy Waters’ and we explain how we glow in the dark, basically. We fought through all we went through and still have to fight even more to get our position but we’re happy about it,” Billy told SOHH. “We’re happy to get a chance to move on. ‘Muddy Waters’ is so bananas, dude, and it’s around the time when we first did the deal with Roc-A-Fella Records so it was a big record. I still play that record to the day. I still put on M.O.P records and go right to that one because of the feel of it, the flow, the words, the wordplay, everything is bananas and it was executed well. It’s kind of slow and mellow, but it’s something you can feel.” (SOHH)

Check out all the mentioned tracks below:

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