Mobb Deep Have Something Sneaky Up Their Sleeves: “They’re Going To Make A Huge Announcement”

Mobb Deep Have Something Sneaky Up Their Sleeves: “They’re Going To Make A Huge Announcement”

Diehard Mobb Deep fans may be in for a treat as new reports claim group members Prodigy and Havoc will make a substantial announcement in the next few days while out at the annual MAGIC showcase in Las Vegas.

According to reports, the buzz could be as big as Mobb Deep releasing their own apparel line.

Mobb Deep has really put their differences to the side and they are about to make a major announcement! It seems like they are totally back in business! Now, I don’t know everything that is going on but I do know this: they are going to make a huge announcement at the Magic Convention in Las Vegas, which is coming up next week! Since Magic is not about wizardry or anything, I’m going to assume it is a fashion line or something they are working on. I don’t know exactly, but we’ll see! I think its great they are really homies again and its not some shallow stunt to pay their light bill! (Illseed)

After nearly a year apart, Prodigy and Hav are reportedly back on good terms.

It’s official: hip-hop duo Mobb Deep’s putting their beef on the back burner … and officially heading out on a 20th anniversary tour later this spring … TMZ has learned. The duo — a.k.a. Havoc and Prodigy — were entwined in an intense rap feud ever since Havoc tore into Prodigy on Twitter … claiming among other things that Prodigy had engaged in a slew of jailhouse relationships during his 3-year stint in the slammer. But now, the two rappers have let bygones be bygones … and recently announced they’re headed back on the road together. First stop? The Paid Dues festival in L.A. this March. Sources close to the group say it’s just the first of many shows — and will act as the unofficial kickoff for their April world tour … where they’ll be celebrating 20 years as a group. (TMZ)

Just last month, Prodigy refused to lay out Mobb Deep’s deathbed.

“Nah, nah, it’s just on standby,” Capital P said when asked if it is time to retire the Mobb Deep brand. “Yeah, I’m sure about that. I love Mobb Deep. Mobb Deep made my life what it is. Havoc feels the same way, so we’ll be right back to work. For right now, he’s doing his thing and I’m doing my thing. I’ve got goals I’m trying to accomplish, and I really can’t let nothing sidestep me or get in the way of that. If that means I gotta put Mobb Deep on standby for the time being, then so be it. That’s what has to happen.” (“Usual Suspects Radio”)

In October, the Infamous rapper denied Hav’s claim of possibly having affection toward men and spoke on the now-defunct feud.

“Nah, you know Hav don’t deserve that,” Prodigy said in an interview when asked if Havoc deserves to get shot. “[Have I ever participated in any homosexual activity?] H*ll f*cking no! H*ll no. I’ma tell you like this, the only thing I can really say is, you know what I mean, what I’ve been doing since I came home [in spring 2011], putting books out, putting out albums, mixtapes, you know, I started my own lable, I got a distribution deal, running around, setting up these tours, getting merchandising deals, getting endorsement deals, that’s all I really know, dog. [Have I asked him about the disses?] Nah. I just want to work, man — shout-out ot Havoc too, shout-out ot Hav. Word. That’s my dog. [Anything else I want to tell people?] I don’t have anything against gay people, dog. I’ve got some family members that are gay, I know some people that are gay, I got a couple of gay friends.” (This Is 50)

Check out a recent Prodigy interview:

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