Mobb Deep Call Up The Boss, “We Did A Joint W/ Ross, It’s In The Stash Right Now”

Mobb Deep Call Up The Boss, “We Did A Joint W/ Ross, It’s In The Stash Right Now”

Mobb Deep’s Prodigy has confirmed recent plans to link up with G-Unit nemesis Rick Ross have gone into motion and when fans can anticipate a full length album.

While keeping hush on the topic, P said recording sessions with Ross have already taken place.

“We did a joint with Ross. It’s in the stash right now. It’ll probably be for the Mobb album. It’s kinda crazy too,” P said in an interview. “We’re looking forward to maybe, like, September. End of August, September [album release] — we’re shooting for around that time…We know they need that new music out there, something for the streets. We gotta feed the streets.” (MTV)

Recently, Ross opened up about his admiration toward P despite his association to rap rival 50 Cent.

“I respect him, most definitely, as being a boss, making your own decisions,” Ross said in an interview. “When he was released, he gave me a call a few days after that. We spoke on the phone maybe once or twice. It was a genuine conversation, us touching base, making sure it is what it is. We most definitely put a record or two on the table. Just to be frank, I was always a fan of the homey, H.N.I.C. I always respected when I saw that. The B.G. collaboration he did with the South, that was big for me. So I was always a fan of the homey and when he made this move in a way, so you had to respect it. So look for a Rozay and Prodigy record in the future.” (RapFix)

In April, Prodigy revealed a private conversation he had with 50 about linking with artists outside of his circle.

“When I came home [from jail], 50 had come to see me, he had flew in from Cali to come and see me,” P explained in an interview. “Before I did anything, I went straight from prison to the G-Unit office and then I came to the studio after that. When I stopped at the office, I had a talk with 50 and was telling him, ‘Yo, right now, we’re in a position where we gotta start doing songs with people. Mobb Deep. We gotta start doing songs with a lot of people. Different people.’ Basically he was like, ‘Yeah, you’re right.’ … All this sh*t with n*ggas ain’t doing songs with people, beefing with people, all that, we really trying to dead all that.” (This Is 50)

P recently credited Ross’ consistency for helping him maintain relevancy.

“[Rap’s] in a good place man. Any time you’ve got a whole bunch of competitors it only steps up the quality of the sh*t that’s out there…Yeah. I like [Ross’] sh*t,” P said in an interview. “At first, I thought Rick Ross was a fluke to tell you the truth, because when I first heard him I was like ‘Who the f*ck is this dude man? Come on. You can’t be serious. This dude is a fluke. One-hit wonder’. After a while he started proving himself. Then I started seeing consistency with him, and more and more, I was like ‘Hold up. Ok, I’m starting to respect this dude now.’ Now he’s proved me wrong. He’s not what I thought he was. That happens a lot. A lot of people won’t talk about it though.” (Complex)

Mobb Deep were signed to G-Unit Records from 2005 to 2009.

Check out some recent Prodigy footage down below:

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