Mister Cee Gives A Very Important Message: “I Got A Little Situation For You” [Video]

Mister Cee Gives A Very Important Message: “I Got A Little Situation For You” [Video]

Days after Hot 97’s Mister Cee stepped forward and came clean on his sexuality, the renowned deejay has released a public service announcement which stresses the importance of safe sex.

In the video, Cee refers to his addiction to prostitution and said any sexually active person needs to take an HIV/AIDS test.

“What’s going on everybody, it’s Mister Cee representing Hot 97. As all of you know, I’ve been through a lot this week with my situation and my addiction. I can honestly say I have an addiction and that’s something I’m going to have to deal with as I move forward in my life. But to all of you out there, I know there’s a lot of y’all that got y’all situations that y’all go through sexually. Whether it’s fellas messing with two or three women at a time or even some of you women. Women are just as much as cheaters as men out there. I mean, let’s just be honest, man. Everybody is not living a righteous lifestyle out there. Even myself. What I wanted to do today is to talk about the importance of safe sex, talk about the importance of using a condom, just talking about the importance of being healthy in your life as far as taking an HIV test. Now when I say taking an HIV test, the first thing people think about is that, ‘I don’t want anybody to know my business.’ Well, I got a little situation for you. You can go to AIDS Healthcare Foundation.” (Hot 97)

He also mentioned a local Brooklyn health facility for New Yorkers to check out.

“Now at AHF, your business is your business, as it should be,” Cee added. “Private and confidential. There are professionals to help you with your situation. AHF has all new facilities throughout Brooklyn all the way to Amsterdam. Matter of fact, there’s a facility right on Atlantic Ave right in Brooklyn.” (Hot 97)

Earlier this week, Cee’s former co-worker DJ Envy talked about how vital it is for him to seek help in light of the multiple prostitution crimes.

“I’ve known Mister Cee from working at the other spot, very cool individual. He was probably the only person I respected who was cool up there and I don’t care what his personal preference is, women or men. That doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is him out there soliciting prostitution. Not only because he could catch something, a disease, putting himself in a situation he can’t come out of but there’s also a lot of crazy people out there. And I would hate for him to lose his life or to be injured by one of these crazy prostitutes or even get injured. And I’m asking anybody — that’s his frieds, his true friend — needs to put his arm around him and say, ‘Homie, you have a problem.’ Take him to therapy, take him to get help because I’m sure if I was in a situation up here — I’m sure my family would help me.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Earlier in the week, MC came clean on his sexuality and Big Apple local busts.

“I am not gay,” Cee said in the interview. “Thursday night, Friday morning, I was approached by a female undercover cop. A female, Latino, undercover cop. Not a male cop. The female undercover cop, I have her badge number. So I know who it is. Why did the story first start off on Saturday, because I think everything kind of first jumped off on Saturday with the first story. If you do your diligence and you do your research, the first story that came out, in the Daily News was undercover, female officer. Then, from out of nowhere, it changed into male undercover officer. … I can’t answer why it changed from that. But there is enough information out there, available, where one day it said female officer and it changed. … The incidents that happened in the past with me, the three incidents or whatever you want to say, there was one person brung up in those three instances that was a male. You never heard anybody else’s name being brought up in any other incident — that male person put out two different videos. One video saying, ‘I don’t know Mister Cee, I never met him, the only time I ever seen him was when I was locked up in a cell with him. I didn’t engage in any sexual activity with him.'” (“Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show”)

Check out Mister Cee’s PSA:

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