Missy Elliott “Works” Her Disappearing Act

Missy Elliott “Works” Her Disappearing Act

Hip-hop icon Missy Elliott has explained why her abscence from rap’s spotlight has worked in her favor as of late.

According to Missy, she has been focused on overseeing the career of burgeoning R&B singer Jasmine Sullivan.

“People always be like, ‘Where [you] been?’ but you gotta remember, I got Jazmine Sullivan out there, I had Monica ‘Everything [To Me’],” Missy explained in an interview. “I’m always having artists that I’m doing records on so I’m just behind the scenes right now. I did the artist thing, now I’m just writing and producing…It’s been a long time coming but she gon’ be around for a long time. She’s gon’ make people have to step up they singing…Jazmine sing from the soul. She sing from a different place. She’s not just a singer, she sings from a place where you feel like she been through those things before. And she got a husky voice and we haven’t heard that really in R&B in a long time so she [has] a unique voice.” (MTV)

She is reportedly working on a new record called “Blow Ya Whistle.”

Lately, Missy E has been busy producing records for other artists, the latest one being Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Holding U Down’ but here’s some good news for the fans. She will be finally returning to the scene with her brand new single called ‘Blow Ya Whistle’. Apparently, her album is still titled Block Party. (Hip Hop N More)

The rapper’s delayed album was initially scheduled to drop three years ago.

Block Party is the upcoming seventh studio album by American rapper Missy Elliott, scheduled to be released in 2010. The album’s release was initially intended for December of 2007, additional songs were recorded for the project in spring of 2009 replacing the majority of the album’s intended tracklisting. (Artipot)

Last July, Elliott made headlines for being booted off stage during London’s annual Wireless Festival.

Missy Elliott was reportedly kicked off the stage at last weekend’s Wireless Festival after she exceeded her performance time slot. The rapper was said to have arrived 20 minutes late for her set at the gig in London’s Hyde Park but attempts to make up for her lateness with an extended performance were thwarted by the event’s organisers. (Digital Spy)

Check out a recent Missy Elliott interview down below:

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