Mims, Lil Mama & More Remember Moms Who Passed, “My Mother Would Tell Me To Keep Working”

Mims, Lil Mama & More Remember Moms Who Passed, “My Mother Would Tell Me To Keep Working”

Mims, Lil Mama, Kanye West and many other arttists have lost their moms in recent years. In honor of Mother’s Day, SOHH remembers mothers who are no longer with us.

New York-based rapper Mims, who lost his mother to birth complications when he was 13 years old, told SOHH how he pays tribute to his deceased Mom on mother’s day.

“Mother’s Day, if I’m in town I usually try to visit my Mom’s cemetery and drop her off some flowers. If not, I do remember that after my Mom passed away, my grandmother took me in and so did my aunt. So I pay homage to them. I have a real strong family structure. They were there from day one. Even when my mother was alive I lived with my grandmother, my mother and my aunt. Obviously they’re not my mother but I treat them just like that. They’ve nutured me and took care of me and I love them just as much as I love my Mom.” (SOHH)

In 2007 Kanye West’s mother died due to complications from surgery and has since pointed to his mother’s death as a source of strength and growth.

“There’s no insecurity in the work that I do, the outfits that I make, the raps I say. I guess my Mom passing and getting out of certain situations and being myself [was the turning point]. Just getting the opportunity to be me and not be concerned about what people are going to say about things.” (Complex)

Lil’ Mama, who lost her mother to cancer in December 2007, has a similar viewpoint.

“At this time in my life, when I’m dealing with issues like losing my Mom and being away from my family so much, being on the road, I could’ve said no to a deal like [America’s Best Dance Crew] but I said yes because these are some of the experiences that I might not be able to get a second chance at doing and I’m happy that I’m doing it now,” she said. “My mother would tell me to keep working, keep going hard and always keep a smile on my face.” (SOHH)

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