Miley Cyrus’ Twerk, Twerk, Twerkin’ Motivates Soulja Boy Tell Em [Audio]

Miley Cyrus’ Twerk, Twerk, Twerkin’ Motivates Soulja Boy Tell Em [Audio]

Pop star Miley Cyrus trending twerking skills have sparked references from Ying Yang Twins, Lil B, Jay Z and now Soulja Boy Tell Em who has released his new ode, “Twerkin Like Miley” anthem.

Soulja Boy’s Miley-inspired track premiered online Wednesday (August 7).

Soulja Boy (@SouljaBoy) channels Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus), who’s became the latest snow bunny sensation since shaking free of her Hannah Montana shackles and crossing over to the artificially ratchet fixture she’s become to the rap game. Miley Cyrus is going to be a focus of a lot of rappers after Jay Z shouted her out on Magna Carta Holy Grail. (DDOTOMEN)

Last month, Jay Zshared his feelings on the twerking sensation.

“Miley’s serious, I like what she’s doing right now,” Jay said. “She’s fearless, just being herself — I think it’s more reaction from people wanting her to be ‘Hannah Montana.’ I don’t know, [it’s just from me] watching the situation I would say people want her to be something and she’s like, ‘I’m not that.’ …. That must be really frustrating and this is her reaction to it. Of course it’s loud but it’s understandable. [Miley Cyrus coming to Roc Nation?] Hey, there’s room on the roster. [laughs]” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

Cyrus recently revealed Pharrell Williams reached out and said Young Hov wanted to speak to her over his “Somewhere In America” twerk line.

Speaking of her reaction to hip-hop royalty Jay-Z name checking her on Magna Carta Holy Grail track Somewhereinamerica, Miley revealed: “Pharrell had actually hit me [up], he was like ‘Jay-Z wants to call you and tell you that he’s shouting you out in the song tomorrow.’ I was in Miami and was doing crazy press for my record. So I came out… and we got to go out and hear it in a club. It was fun.” (MTV UK)

Earlier this summer, Ying Yang Twins dedicated a track called “Miley Cyrus” to the 20-year-old.

Miley Cyrus is God’s gift to twerking … at least according to the Ying Yang Twins who wrote an entire song about her booty-shaking greatness — and TMZ has the track. Kaine and D-Roc tell TMZ, they were inspired to make a tune in Miley’s honor after learning she was a fan via Twitter — and due to her transition from Disney princess to a derriere-popping powerhouse. They tell us, “Our fans have been starving for some authentic twerk music. Seeing that Miley Cyrus wants to show the world she is grown by twerking, we decided to give her a little help.” (TMZ)

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Check out “Twerk Like Miley”:

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