Miley Cyrus & Khia Can’t Stop & Won’t Stop: “Poppin’ & Twerkin’, She The Sh*t Girl Now” [Audio]

Miley Cyrus & Khia Can’t Stop & Won’t Stop: “Poppin’ & Twerkin’, She The Sh*t Girl Now” [Audio]

A couple weeks after flirting with Hollywood actress Miley Cyrus over Twitter, Southern rapper Khia has taken things to the next level by hooking up with the 20-year-old for a new track.

With some help courtesy of Khia, Miley has released a remix to her current “Can’t Stop” anthem.

Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” has already spawned thousands of remixes and covers on YouTube, but no one’s done it quite like Khia. The Philly-bred rapper, best known for her 2002 hit “My Neck, My Back (Lick It),” adds her own flavor to the Mike WiLL Made It-produced hit, which caught the attention of Miley herself. “Hannah Montana, she’s a big girl now/ Poppin’ and twerkin’, she the shit girl now,” raps Khia. The remix received Miley’s stamp of approval. “Wait a minute. Everyone been covering can’t stop but this shit by far my favorite. Hell yeahhhhhh @QueenKhia,” tweeted Miley. (Rap-Up)

Cyrus appeared to spark Khia’s interest by referencing her early 2000’s anthem, “My Neck, My Back” last month.

“It’s that kinda day #myneck,” Cyrus tweeted June 21st. (Miley Cyrus’ Twitter)

This immediately caught Khia’s eyes and an interest in possibly working together.

“@MileyCyrus Yasssssssss Miley, yo Neck and Yo Back!! Maybe a #Collab with you and me on your new Urban album boo?

“@MileyCyrus AND I LOVE YOU BABY!!! Im DM-ING YOU MY info now xoxoxo” (Khia’s Twitter)

The tweet did not go unnoticed as Miley made sure to offer up a quick response.

“@QueenKhia my life has officially been made. ????” (Miley Cyrus’ Twitter)

A week prior, Atlanta rapper Future revealed the range in sounds and content he came up alongside Miley for her upcoming new solo album.

“We got a lot of great records, and it all came from conversation and having a nice vibe,” the Atlanta rapper told us. “Whenever she allowed me in her personal life through conversation, I tried to take that vibe and go to the booth. I told her, ‘You’ve gotta embrace your fears. If something’s bothering you, you’ve gotta run toward it. If you’re crying about it, you need to cry till you can’t cry anymore. If you try to hold it back, then it’s gonna eat you up. But if you embrace [it], the music moves.” (MTV)

Despite having a love for the genre, Miley recently said her focus is deeper into singing rather than the art of writing rap bars.

“A lot of people wanted to try to make me the white Nicki Minaj,” Cyrus says. “That’s not what I’m trying to do. I love ‘hood’ music, but my talent is as a singer.” To that end, Edge is particularly excited about “Wrecking Ball”-a defiant power ballad produced by Dr. Luke with a thrilling vocal performance. “We were inspired by OneĀ­Republic, and the way Timbaland used to do those big ballads,” Cyrus says. Edge adds: “When Miley came to us she had really good songs already, including ‘Wrecking Ball,’ which blew us away. It could be a career song for her.” (Billboard)

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