Miley Cyrus Booty Pops For Juicy J, Twerks Outta Control In Hollywood [Video]

Miley Cyrus Booty Pops For Juicy J, Twerks Outta Control In Hollywood [Video]

Hollywood actress/singer Miley Cyrus took twerking to an entirely new level last night (June 8) after coming out to show off some booty-popping skills at a Juicy J concert.

Footage of the insane twerking has started to circulate online.

Miley Cyrus showed what she’s made of on stage during Juicy J’s “Stay Trippy” tour stop at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA on Saturday night. The pop star made a surprise appearance during the Three 6 Mafia leader’s performance of “Bandz a Make Her Dance,” and immediately got to twerking as his club smashed played. Back in March, we got our first taste of Miley’s booty popping which instantly became a viral hit. (Miss Info TV)

Earlier this year, Cyrus spoke on winning people over courtesy of a self-made twerk video.

“I just started dancing and [my friend] recorded it and I showed a few people and they said, ‘Tweet it,’ ” she recalled of the clip, which has since become a trending topic and been embraced by hip-hop celebs from Pharrell Williams and to Nelly, Amber Rose and French Montana. “I’m getting so many people writing to me about it. It’s kind of weird that I’ve twerked for 6 million people!” she said before adding, “I’m kind of feeling a little weird.” Miley explained that while she’s received a lot of Internet hate in the past about any number of things (from criticism of her singing abilities to haters calling her a “hillbilly”), she’s received virtually none for her twerking. “I haven’t seen one bad comment about my twerk video, but I can twerk, so whatever!” she said. (MTV)

She also briefly touched up on the essence of twerking and revealed this was not her first stint at making her booty pop.

For those who aren’t up on twerking yet, Cyrus told Seacrest’s listeners that they should just go online and watch her clip. “I think I gave a pretty good definition. If you go to my Facebook page and click it, you will then see what ‘twerking’ is. You can’t really explain it. It’s something that comes natural. It’s a lot of booty,” she said. “It’s a lot of booty action. “I’ve been practicing probably for the past two years, in my own time, in my living room … I can’t believe how many people think I’m good at twerking, which is dope. My life goal has been accomplished,” she joked. “I shot a movie in New Orleans two years ago and that’s when I became fascinated and obsessed.” (MTV)

The two-minute dance footage turned into an instant hit back in March.

It happened. The day has come where Miley Cyrus goes from Disney Country star to straight up ratchet. Miley has been speaking of a new album that will be mostly influenced by the dirty South, for months now. She’s been working with a lot of trill Southern artists like Juicy J. The Pop star/ Country legend is slowly developing a new sound and an entirely different attitude. And I think i like it. Here’s a demo of what’s to come. (Gossip Daily)

Check out Miley Cyrus twerking:

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