Mike Epps Recruits Snoop Dogg & Flo Rida For “Funny” Album, “If Those Guys Are On A Song, It Gotta Be Good” [Video]

Mike Epps Recruits Snoop Dogg & Flo Rida For “Funny” Album, “If Those Guys Are On A Song, It Gotta Be Good” [Video]

Making a move from the stage to the studio, comedian Mike Epps sat down with SOHH to discuss how he was able to snag artists like Snoop Dogg and Flo Rida for his new album, Funny Bidness.

According to Epps, the project features a mixture of rap and humor.

Funny Bidness album is off the hook,” Epps promised. “I’m being genuine. I’m being genuine, off the hook, [it’s] funny. The music is good, I got Snoop Dogg on it, Flo Rida, and you know, to say, if those guys get on a song, it gotta be good. So you know what I mean, in my opinion, I think I did a good job and I’m pretty hard on myself, so. Yeah, you know, it’s kinda like how Ludacris and them guys are, they, Eminem and stuff, they really be funny in them songs. You know what I mean? So yeah, [there’s] 14 songs.” (SOHH)

Epps said the project’s concept is primarily based off of his personal experiences.

“A lot of it is humor that I’ve absorbed from my own life,” he exlplained in an interview. “It’s just one of those albums that’s meant to entertain people. I get most of the humor from sh*t that happened to me or sh*t that I thought of when I was sitting around with my boys. We’ll think of something and then make a song or skit out of it. We’re just trying to keep it cool.” (Artist Direct)

The comedian has kept busy as of late by hosting last night’s BET Hip-Hop Awards 2009.

The BET Hip Hop Awards 09 returns to primetime this fall with actor/comedian Mike Epps as the new host. Taping on Saturday, October 10 at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center in Atlanta, this exciting annual special will once again celebrate the biggest names in the game, on the mic and in the community. With this year’s crowning tagline “And We Don’t Stop…,” BET plans to relive it all again, plus more. Premiering on the network on Tuesday, October 27 at 8:00 p.m., additional performers, nominees and show talent will be announced later next month. (Press Release)

He is most known for his movie roles alongside rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube.

Mike Epps’ name has become synonymous with a particular style of humor, through his appearance with several other African-American artists in the same genre. Epps earned a large portion of his fame through his credits in several Ice Cube films, including Next Friday, How High (with Redman and Method Man), Friday After Next, and All About the Benjamins. Aside from featuring Ice Cube, the common thread of these films was the hilarious prominence of marijuana-smoking comic characters like the ones portrayed by Epps. (Star Pulse)

Check out a portion of Mike Epps’ SOHH interview below:

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