Miguel Pulled Major No-No At Billboard Music Awards, Ignored Leg Drop Orders

Miguel Pulled Major No-No At Billboard Music Awards, Ignored Leg Drop Orders

R&B singer Miguel may be in a heap of trouble as reports now claim he was told not to perform any dangerous acts, especially a crowd jump, prior to his Billboard Music Awards accident last month.

According to reports, the crooner ignored specific orders not to crowd jump during his televised set.

Miguel was ORDERED not to attempt a dangerous jump over the crowd during his performance at the Billboard Music Awards because producers believed it was too dangerous … but the singer ignored them … sources connected to the production tell TMZ. We’re told … Miguel approached producers before rehearsals and asked if he could try to jump over the crowd during his performance … but producers shot down the idea, telling Miguel it was just too dangerous. But when showtime came around, Miguel blew off the order … and producers’ fears were realized when he botched the jump and leg dropped a female fan … slamming her head against the stage. Now, the victim’s lawyer says she may have suffered a brain injury as a result … and a lawsuit could be on the way. (TMZ)

Last week, he detailed his exact emotions immediately following the leg drop although did not mention the pre-performance warning.

“Honestly, I’ll take you through the whole thing. Day one, the day of, I was mortified. First of all, you have to remember I’m still human so my natural inclination is to be, ‘Are you okay?’ That’s the natural thing to do. But the professional part is, ‘You have to finish the show.’ Finish and then deal with everything. Had I stopped the show, had I stopped it, it would have been even worse. It would have been extremely worse, on national television — it would have been mayhem. So, finish the show, rush to the girl, soon as the camera pops off, rush to the girl, ‘Are you okay? Come on – I escort her myself, never mind who’s around, ‘Get out of the way, we need help.’ … After making sure she was okay, the producers asked if I wanted to do an interview and I’m like, ‘She just…’ You know what I’m saying? That’s kind of inhuman. Interestingly, she was actually a really good sport about it. She was like, ‘No, I would love to. Great.’ And I haven’t seen the interview. We did it actually like five minutes afterward. But I know I was super uncomfortable just like — fast forward, two days later after it all kind of fizzled, and I’m looking at memes and pictures of myself, like, I can’t help but laugh. Like, what do you do? It’s funny, I’m sorry, it’s funny and I can’t even front.” (Kiss F Muk)

A day prior, reports suggested the victim was experiencing problems after the on-stage mishap.

The last thing Miguel wants is a lawsuit. But he may just have one. Khyati Shah–the audience member who was accidentally landed on by the singer during his performance at the Billboard Music Awards a few weeks back–is now “considering” legal action. Shah’s attorney, Vip Bhola, tells E! News exclusively that a decision will be made soon on whether to file a lawsuit against Miguel pending Khyati’s most recent medical results. He noted that the fan has been experiencing “difficulties” as a result of the incident. (E!)

Shortly after the accident took place, the victim held onto an ice pack and joined in on the fun with a playful reference to one of Miguel’s hits when asked about her injury.

“Well, I think it’s kind of clear what happened,” he said, looking visibly embarrassed. “But I’m very happy to bring my new friend, Khyati, we just met . Unfortunately we did not meet under the best circumstances, but I think we’re okay.” The young woman seemed to take the injury in stride, looking thrilled to be backstage with Miguel and even dropping a pun when asked what she thought of him. “I Adorn him,” she said. (Billboard)

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