Miguel & Lloyd Go Head To Head, “We’re Brothers, We’re Happy & We’re Singing & We’re Colored” [Audio]

Miguel & Lloyd Go Head To Head, “We’re Brothers, We’re Happy & We’re Singing & We’re Colored” [Audio]

R&B singers Lloyd and Miguel have decided to call a truce after heating up the Internet last week over rocking very similar hair styles.

The two crooners met face-to-face at last weekend’s Z107.9 Summer Jam in Cleveland.

Miguel burst into the dressing room singing “The Wayans Bros.” theme song (“We’re brothers, we’re happy and we’re singing and we’re colored”). Lloyd wasn’t having it and immediately asked Miguel why he sent out his controversial tweet. “Why would you even say that though?” asked Lloyd. Miguel replied, “Yo, it shouldn’t have been said, as honest as I may have been. If it was like me and you having a conversation and I said it to you, it would have been different. The fact that I said it on Twitter was fu**ed up and I apologize for that.” (Rap-Up)

The former Murder. Inc. artist also expressed his frustration with the controversy taking place in light of his new album, King of Hearts, in stores.

Lloyd explained why he was so upset. “But the fact is that I was not trying to imitate you,” he continued. “I just felt like it was disrespectful. On some real sh*t, it was cheap and I felt like it was distasteful. The idea behind it wasn’t to mock you or imitate you, it was just to shave my [hair] so I could get a tattoo. For you to say that and bring all that kind of energy to me… It’s album release week so why am I answering questions about Miguel when I should be talking about my album that I worked two years for?” (Rap-Up)

Last week, Lloyd talked to SOHH and promised he would meet Miguel face-to-face.

“Well if it is [a beef], then we’ll find out when I see him, you know,” Lloyd told SOHH when asked if he feels there is an R&B beef taking place. “I mean, I didn’t have a response to that. You can ask me [if it’s serious] after I see him. As far as what’s next, I’m just touring with Lil Wayne so I’m looking forward to that and my new King of Hearts [album] being in stores. That’s all I’m worried about right now.” (SOHH)

After accusing Lloyd of swiping his hairdo, Miguel denied beef speculation.

“Beef with Lloyd? Shots? None at all. Its 2011, Get Money.,” he tweeted July 7th. (Miguel’s Twitter)

Check out Lloyd & Miguel’s exchange below:

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