Mickey Factz On Twista’s Top 5 DOA Induction, “I’m Still In Shock”

Mickey Factz On Twista’s Top 5 DOA Induction, “I’m Still In Shock”

After Twista gave props to rap newcomer Mickey Factz by listing him in SOHH’s Top 5 Dead or Alive, we hit up the Bronx emcee to get his reaction to the unexpected recognition.

Admitting the co-sign was nothing less than humbling, Factz expressed his own admiration for Twista.

“I got a Google Alert that somebody was talking about me,” Factz told SOHH when asked how he learned of Twista’s Top 5 induction. “So I clicked the link and when I read it, I was like, ‘That’s dope.’ And then I really read the article and saw that it was Twista’s Top 5 and I texted everybody. I e-mailed everybody. I told everybody. I was humbled and I’m still humbled. This is somebody who’s worked with Jay-Z. This is somebody who’s worked with Kanye West and so many artists. For him to recognize my talent is utterly humbling. It’s literally humbling because I literally come from a school where I appreciate the lyricists. I really appreciate people who put their words together cleverly with slick metaphors. Slick wordplay. Tons of double entendres. Tons of matching words. I really, truly appreciate that. So for him to mention me, that put me in a state of humbleness. I was humble for so long.” (SOHH)

Mickey also said Twista’s co-sign gave him motivation to continue grinding and hopefully land a collab with the Chicago rhyme spitter.

“It just makes me want to go harder,” Factz added. “That’s an amazing accomplishment for Twista to name me in his Top 5. And I had the longest [description.] I literally couldn’t believe it. I’m still in shock — I hope Twista reads this. I want a collab, brother. Let’s work together because this would be a blessing for me.” (SOHH)

Twista credited Mickey’s lyrical ability and emcee skills for earning him a spot in his Top 5.

“D*mn, this is getting hard. I’m going to have to name a new rapper I really like for my list. I really like Mickey Factz. It’s all about his wordplay and lyrics. The best way I can put it is I hear a rapper that reminds me of the emceeing from the era that I felt like lyrics was the sh*t. Or it’s like when I get that tingle in my body. That’s a real rapper. So when I start hearing those sentences come together and the words and syllables, it just does something to me. So when I listen to Mickey Factz, I can tell this n*gga will tear a n*gga’s head off. He’s super cold to me.” (SOHH Top 5 Dead Or Alive)

Outside of co-signs, Factz recently dropped his “Letter to Sonic” dedication track to rapper Charles Hamilton.

Mickey Factz dropped this audio letter earlier today to the troubled rapper Charles Hamilton who is reportedly currently facing 2 counts of assault, 1 count of grand theft and 2 counts of aggravated theft. “For the many people who miss the creative wit of Charles Hamilton, I penned a letter in audio form about the backstory of my relationship with Charles. I hope this letter will revive the young upstart on his upcoming return.” (Soul Culture)

Check out some past Mickey Factz footage below:

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