Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh Wins NBA Finals But Involved In Another Nasty Battle

Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh Wins NBA Finals But Involved In Another Nasty Battle

Miami Heat star Chris Bosh may have helped his team snag another NBA championship a few days ago, however, he is currently involved in a gritty court battle to win full custody of his daughter.

According to reports, Bosh and ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis are going head-to-head for their four-year-old.

Newly-minted NBA champion Chris Bosh has been busy with more than just basketball … he’s been embroiled in a bitter legal battle with his ex to snag custody of their 4-year-old daughter, TMZ has learned. Bosh has filed legal docs asking a judge to strip his ex, Allison Mathis, of primary physical custody of Trinity. Bosh claims Mathis has been trying to alienate the kid from him … blocking contact, refusing to let them travel together, and poisoning their daughter against him. (TMZ)

Despite the serious accusations, Mathis is sticking to her own story.

Bosh wants primary physical custody, but says he’s more than willing to give Mathis her fair share of mother-daughter time in the form of visitation. Mathis has fired back in her own legal docs, saying his complaints are BS. The custody battle between Bosh and Mathis has been raging for years — you’ll recall, just last June Bosh was denied permission to take his daughter to the Olympics. But hey, at least he’s got another championship ring. (TMZ)

Last year, she said Bosh had changed from the days they were together when he played for the Toronto Raptors.

“I literally do not know, at all, this person,” Mathis said referring to Bosh. “I guess I knew somewhat CB before but the number one guy? I absolutely have no idea who he is. He was always very reserved and very laid back and enjoyed the private life we had. We were always invited to events, especially in Toronto. He was kind of like the king of Toronto and we had the key to the city. We went out quite a bit at that time and were always invited to big events and everything but we kind of took the back door in. We never really wanted to be in the forefront, we just wanted to enjoy our time and enjoy our friends but now it’s like, ‘Please let me know where the red carpet is.'” (Gossip Extra)

In February 2012, Mathis and Bosh clashed in family court over their daughter’s custody.

The 3-year-old daughter of the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh will be able to attend her father’s 27th birthday dinner. Bosh and the mother of his daughter, Trinity, were in family court Monday to hammer out a custody schedule for March and April. Bosh had been in Orlando over the weekend to play in the NBA All-Star game. Among the items they agreed on was allowing Trinity to attend Bosh’s birthday dinner with his family on March 27. Bosh’s attorney told Judge Robert Evans that the NBA star wanted consistent and meaningful contact with his daughter. The attorney for Trinity’s mother, Allison Mathis, says Bosh has had that opportunity but that his playing schedule has sometimes made scheduling difficult. (Sports Illustrated)

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