Miami Heat: Kevin Cossom Vs. J.R. Rotem

Miami Heat: Kevin Cossom Vs. J.R. Rotem

Congrats to Killer Mike for winning last week’s Top 5 challenge. Today, we take it to South Beach as Miami’s J.R. Rotem takes on Orlando native/Miami frequenter singer Kevin Cossom for a winner take all. Whose list gets the props? You decide!


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I would have to put Lil Wayne in there. I feel like Wayne has been doing it and people haven’t been recognizing everything he’s done. Growing up in Florida, in high school, that’s all n*ggas was listening to when Cash Money Records first came out. The Hot Boys. Think back to how many years ago that was. That was 10, 11, 12 years ago and look where he is now. Even though he’s young, people overlook the fact that he’s got longevity. He’s been in the game for years and he’s still killing it. He’s one of the most versatile rappers. I don’t feel like there’s too many others that can do what he does over any type of beat.

Nicki’s in my Top 5 because I’ve literally heard some verses from her that were like, “Whoa! That’s crazy!” Just listen to her verse on Kanye West’s “Monster” and there’s verses where she’s really innovative and doing things on an extremely high level. And the energy and the presence that she’s putting on behind the mic is amazing. Sometimes you look at a rapper and say, “That’s cool”, but with her, I get an emotional reaction.

Let’s see. I gotta name Kanye West. I think he’s the biggest producer/rapper. The person that’s in the studio putting together the beats, putting together the raps. There’s nobody like Ye. He’s one of the best at doing rapping and producing.

I think I gotta say Snoop Dogg is in there for me. Obviously everybody has their own skills as far as the rhyming is concerned, but I think the swagger and presence that he had on the mic, particularly when he came out, was very revolutionary for hip-hop. So I would include Snoop.

Busta Rhymes. His albums never really take off, except for the ones in the beg fast flow that so many people try to emulate. His flow and energy are big.

Lil Wayne. I think Lil Wayne is in a similar space as Nicki. I think he’s a genius. I think he’s really a lyrical genius and that he’s now on a level where it’s like anybody else I thought was a genius in music [is], he’s up there now. His verses are so creative and his swagger is so crazy that I think at this point, he’s one of the most influential rappers. I think if he’s not in the Hall of Fame now, he will be. And it’s really rare because a lot of people come out and decline. This cat has been doing it for a while now. He popularized “bling bling” and made it a part of pop culture. He could have just fallen off, [but] he has now become a part of the pop culture. He continues to get better and better.

OutKast. I want to count them together, Big Boi and Andre 3000. I can’t quote the numbers for sure as far as CD sales, but I’m pretty sure they’re major, especially for a hip-hop group. I love people who do their own thing. They followed their own rules and came out with their own camp. They just had their own sound and were really innovative. I think they really opened the door for a lot of people to just be themselves, especially Andre 3000. I don’t think too many people will come out [and perform] with a white wig. He’ll rock it out. And Andre 3000 is one of the top lyricists too.

Rick Ross. I love his presence on the mic. He’s got this particular voice and the way he raps on a beat, I’m really intrigued by the flows he uses. He raps slow and he doesn’t choose to fill it up with double-time and triple-time stuff. He [raps] with such conviction and power that each word he’s saying means a lot. I really respect that. I’m really, really entertained by Rick Ross when he’s on his game.

Snoop Dogg. Snoop’s gotta go in the Hall of Fame because he’s the ultimate icon. Everybody knows Snoop and loves him too. He’s still doing it. The last album was rocking and “Sensual Seduction” was rocking. Even back in the day, he was one of the top guys to do it. Plus he’s got such a legacy with his music.

Game. My reason for Game is similar to Rick Ross. With Game, I think just lyrically he’s on a very high level. The way he puts his sentences and words into rhyming is incredible. But when he says something, he says it with such conviction that you really feel something. There’s rappers that are technically amazing who have all this rhyming stuff but sometimes, if they’re not saying anything with the right kind of swagger, then it doesn’t have that much impact on you. You hear people spitting 16’s on mixtapes and things that are clever, but they don’t deliver it with power and energy. For me, music is all about making somebody feel something powerful. When Game spits, it really kind of has that. Something about him, his lines sound classic. The way they’re written and how they sound.

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