MF Doom Explains Imposter Scandal, “Everything We Do Is Villain Style”

MF Doom Explains Imposter Scandal, “Everything We Do Is Villain Style”

Eccentric rapper MF Doom recently discussed his motivation behind performances where fans were greeted by an imposter disguised as Doom at various shows in summer 2007.

The New York-bred emcee responded to the controversy hinting at his evil rap alias perception as justification for hiring actors to portray him in concert.

“Everything that we do is villain style,” Doom said in an interview. “Everybody has the right to get it or not get it. Once I throw it out, it’s there for interpretation. It might’ve seemed like it didn’t go well, but how do we know that wasn’t just pre-orchestrated so that we’re talking about it now? I tell you one thing: People are asking more now for live shows and I’m charging more, so it must’ve worked somewhere…when you come to a Doom show, come expecting to hear music, don’t come expecting to see.” (Rolling Stone)

He previously caught heat after fans realized an imposter was lipsynching his rhymes at a San Francisco show in August 2007.

Fans took to the message boards, only to find that similar scenes had played out days earlier at the El Rey Theatrein LA, and, before that, the July 29th Rock the Bells show in NY. Though the performer at both shows physically matched Doom, witnesses claim he lip-synced. And as music outlets began circulating different accounts, increasingly strange details emerged: no audience interaction, unusually stringent bans on photographs and video recordings, a backstage on total lockdown. (Wired)

The rapper’s disappearing act also stirred confusion on behalf of club venue owners.

Even club co-owner Allen Scott doesn’t seem entirely sure what happened. “I watched the show, but I didn’t see him personally,” he says regarding the incident at San Francisco’s Independent. “He walked [into the building] with his mask on, that’s how he always does it. I can’t say for certain whether it was him or not.” (San Fransico Weekly)

Doom is known for his underground and mainstream ties having produced and recorded with New York rappers including Ghostface Killah.

MF Doom is a special kind of artist. He has a fiercely loyal fanbase that can recite his intricately constructed verses line for line without missing a beat. He has arguably more recorded material than any other rapper alive today and enough aliases to rival the late Mac Dre. If you can appreciate it, Doom’s live show is really something to behold. He sulks around the stage in his gleaming iron mask, giving off the same spooky vibe that bleeds through on his records, the whole time rattling off his lyrics like some kind of genius mental patient. (SOHH NYC)

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