Method Man Reveals Role In George Lucas Film, “Yes I Do Got Lines” [Video]

Method Man Reveals Role In George Lucas Film, “Yes I Do Got Lines” [Video]

Wu-Tang Clan‘s Method Man recently revealed details around his role in the upcoming George Lucas film Red Tails, which co-stars Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Along with talking about his role, Mef also named a few cast members starring in the film.

“It’s a movie called Red Tails produced by George Lucas, directed by Anthony Hemingway,” Mef joking said in an interview. “We got Tristan Wilds, another Staten Island dude, we proud of my dude too. He’s from ‘The Wire,’ he played ‘Michael’ on ‘The Wire.’ And we got Nate Parker, I think, like the new Denzel [Washington] black dude and stuff….We got Mekhi Phifer…They don’t let n*ggas that smoke weed fly planes. I’m one of the mechanics. Matter fact, my character and Andre Royo…his character plays the guy in charge of all the mechanics. And yes, I do got lines. More than seven lines.” (Radio Planet)

Mef was also cast alongside fellow Def Jam labelmate Ne-Yo.

Lucasfilm said that the movie, about the all-black crew, would star Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Nate Parker and Bryan Cranston. Other cast members include Tristan Wilds, Cliff Smith (better known as Method Man) and Ne-Yo. The film is to be directed by Anthony Hemingway and written by John Ridley. (New York Times)

Lucas previously expressed his aim with the new production.

“I’ve been wanting to do Red Tails for 20 years, and we’ve finally got the means to showcase the skill of the Tuskegee pilots,” Lucas said in a press release. “We’re working on techniques which will give us the first true look at the aerial dogfighting of the era. And our top-notch cast will really make this story special.” (MTV Movie Blog)

The film will take place around the height of World War II.

Red Tails is set in 1944 during the heat of WWII when the famed pilots stepped up to their fated entry into the war. Relegated to second-class citizens due to the U.S. government’s racist policies at the time, their success under the most dangerous of circumstances earned the group legendary recognition. Hundreds of black airmen would follow them from the Tuskegee Army Air Field in Alabama overseas before the war ended. (Press Release)

Check out Mef talking about the upcoming film below:

Methodman Interview – Crazy!!! from Radio Planet on Vimeo.

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