Method Man Clears Up The Roots Perfomance Dispute, “I Can’t Rock W/ A Band” [Video]

Method Man Clears Up The Roots Perfomance Dispute, “I Can’t Rock W/ A Band” [Video]

Method Man has responded to The RootsQuestlove, who recently called out the Wu-Tang rapper for requesting to perform without The Roots’ backing for an upcoming “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” show performance.

Promising there was no bad blood, Mef described his decision to rhyme without the Roots’ backing.

“My personal thing, I can’t rock with a band,” Mef explained in an interview. “I get drowned out. My voice ain’t strong like that. [I haven’t performed with the Roots] but I rock they sh*t. I definitely rock they sh*t. But I can’t rock with a band, I would love to rock with a band but my voice gets drowned out.” (Juan Epstein)

Questlove recently shared his reaction to the rapper’s decision.

“I have a question for Method Man,” Quest said in a video to radio personality Peter Rosenberg. “I just got a memo today that said he doesn’t want The Roots to back him up when he comes on the show on Monday. He just wanted to do it with his deejay. And the label told me it’s because he wants it to sound close to, as to what it would sound like on the radio…That’s very 1994…I actually thought we made that song sound even better… I’m very disappointed…I don’t think you should let your fear or desparation of still being accepted on the radio determine giving a kick-a** performance on the show…People still talking about the Public Enemy sh*t, or the Ludacris sh*t, or even the Rick Ross [performance] on the show… I find it very curious that we got that memo and I’m very disappointed.” (YouTube)

Along with assisting rappers like Jay-Z for his “Unplugged” MTV Special in 2002, the Roots also joined the likes of Def Jam around 2005.

The Grammy-winning rap band’s new affiliation with a Def Jam roster that already includes Kanye West, Juelz Santana, and Ludacris might heighten commercial expectations, yet that’s not the aim of Def Jam Left. As Jay-Z told Billboard, the label is designed to be ”an artist-driven label with very low deals so people are not pressured by first-week SoundScan [sales], so we can build artists.” (Boston Globe)

Aside from The Roots, Mef has been engaged in a war of words with Joe Budden.

“I heard about the joint on the Internet man and my folks advised me to take the high road ’cause like yo, I’m a smart n*gga,” Method said in an interview. “So, I knew off top this dude tryin’ to bait me. All these years I’ve been putting out joints man, all of a sudden he pick this time to come out with his little comment or whatever, nah mean? Tryin’ to bait a brother ’cause he know my album ’bout to drop…Every week he picks somebody else to mess with and I ain’t heard nobody ever respond to this dude unless they on that same level as him. So as far as battle rapping, Joe Budden gets it in. I’m not a battle rapper. But I’ll tell you this, I’ll meet any challenge from any challenger. On a lighter note, son can’t mess with me. As far as him saying he got love for me, he’s lying. You don’t say you got love for somebody then try to shoot ‘em down in the next line…Stop being a cry baby man, make some records…I say put us both on the same record and let the people decide…He been trying to do my style since he came in the door at Def Jam…I’m pretty sure he’s in his lab right now writing 32 bars…There’s never been a time somebody has ghost written a rhyme for me., if anything, I wrote rhymes for other people.” (Ed Lover In The Morning Show)

Check out both Method Man and Questlove’s videos below:

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