Mempis Bleek On Touring W/ Jay-Z, “They Say When You Blow Up, You Act Different”

Mempis Bleek On Touring W/ Jay-Z, “They Say When You Blow Up, You Act Different”

Memphis Bleek recently spoke on touring with long-time friend/rapper Jay-Z and why his role on the Blueprint III tour might boost his ego.

According to the former Roc-A-Fella artist, his style of living and comfort has switched up since linking with Jay for their latest tour run.

“For me it’s a new movement,” he said. “They ain’t let me bring my bus out, my Gs out this time — they clipped my bus! They say I gotta ride on the G5 this time everywhere. Usually I’m stuck on the middle of the road, nowhere with my peoples. Now, I’m riding with the A group. Catch me after tour, I might be acting different. I’m moving up. I might act different: They say when you blow up, you act different. We gotta get the music out first. Once we get the music out, the shows will come. I turn down a lot of shows because I don’t want to perform old records. I’m tired of singing ‘Is That Your Chick,’ ‘Do My …’ I been doing that. I need to add to the catalog. That’s what [my upcoming album] The Process is gonna do.” (MTV)

Jay recently said he tries to perfect his touring performance skills when he hits the road.

“I’ve been working on my live show for 10 years now, just trying to get it better and better. I used to come out with just a DJ, now I got a band. The production’s gotten bigger and the lighting guy takes off his shoes and he plays to the beat,” he laughs. “The whole thing is being upgraded every single year.” (Rap-Up)

Last week, Bleek explained how large of a role Hov has on his music.

“Jay. Because he my biggest critic,” Bleek said in an interview. “Jay is the type of person, it’s never right. I don’t care how much I can sit in my house, record 20 thousand records and I can say ‘this one is the record!’ Ain’t nothing no body can tell me that’s gonna change my mind. And soon as I get to the office, he be like that’s bulls**t. You for real thinking that’s crazy? And I be looking at him like “Am I bugging? Or is it you?” He’s my biggest critic. I’m tryna always get his approval and make the boss happy. And it’s never gonna happen I see (laughs) I definitely gotta come from the street first.” (All Hip Hop)

Last December, Bleek explained why he turned down an opportunity to join Hov’s Roc Nation.

“I coulda went to Roc Nation, but then what am I getting out of that?,” Bleek asked in an interview. “Another $150,000 check advance, then I come out [and] sell 300,000 probably, somebody makes two or three million, and I gotta mess with the fact that they gon’ say yo you bricked out? Like that’s the industry. And that’s [with a label run by] my homie. Now if [it’s] somebody else, [they] might not even get a 150 [thousand dollar] advance, they probably go get 30. And plus I’d rather be on my own, fam. I been in the game, like you said a decade now, I know what to do; I know what not to do. It’s time for me to have my own record [label]. I got a lot of n*ggas behind me that’s ready to get they shot. And me being behind Jay, they ain’t gonna never get they shot.” (Hip Hop DX)

Check out a recent Memphis Bleek interview below:

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