Memphis Bleek Says “Jay-Z’s Moving Everything Off Of Def Jam”


Making an effort to develop his own business skills outside of the grip of friend and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek hit up SOHH to talk about his independent label, Get Low Records, and Hov’s plans for the Roc Nation imprint.

While not releasing an album since 2005’s 534, the Brooklyn-bred emcee said for the last two years he has been keeping himself busy strengthening his own venture.

“What I’ve been doing now is building my empire, my imprint. My Get Low thing,” Bleek told SOHH.

Bleek made it clear how his loyalty to Beyonce’s husband has paid off for him throughout his career and how Jigga gave him an opportunity to stand on his own two feet.

“Roc-A-Fella for life,” he said. “Even though Roc-A-Fella’s in the blood, [Jay] gave me the opportunity to step out and make Get Low Records for my own company – and really get all the proceeds, make all the money from my projects. And I don’t think nobody right now, nobody’s boss would let them do that in the position I’m in and still be on stage with them touring.”

The Marcy Projects rapper also justified his decision to not follow Jay with his Live Nation deal but to capitalize on the chance to become his own executive.

“The whole thing came about when I spoke to Hov, he’s moving everything off of Def Jam and about to start off his Roc Nation thing,” Bleek continued. “My idea was like, ‘Cool, you leaving Def Jam, let me get the opportunity to experience life on my own, for a minute. Let me branch out. This’ll be the best time for me to step out that shadow.”

Bleek’s new mixtape Eat Off The Land is currently available on all mixtape circuits.

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